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Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay and lang may yer lum reek! Well 2016 has been an absolute and utter exciting roller coaster of an adventure for my wee family and I, so to summarise; January seen us being accepted onto several housing waiting lists in Scotland and discovering a relationship style known as polyamory. I was also prescribed a very strong drug called […]

I’m Knitting Again and I made a Hat!

If you follow me on social media you probably noticed that I got a new set of looms from KnitUK [affiliate link] recently and I have to say I am very happy with the variable gauge because I’m not as limited in the size of yarn I use; yay! KnitUK‘s [affiliate link] variable gauge round looms look fabulous, don’t they? I made […]

Knitted Beret using a Round Loom

I wish I had the cognitive ability to follow this tutorial, but I can just watch in awe, and hope that one day my brain will return to its full function lol.

The Pom-Pom is Taking Off…

Please don’t laugh! I thought I had finished Pixie’s new Frozen Hat but alas, my first successful pom-pom came loose, and in my novice ability I’m not quite sure how to attach it properly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Pixie’s Frozen Hat

Pixie is Frozen-daft, so when I spotted this double-chunky wool in Newcastle’s Grainger Market, I couldn’t resist. As you can see I’m not quite finished, but I fancied a wee cuppa, and my hands/wrists/arms needed a break. One quick question before I vanish: I was wondering, if you have any recommendations for making/sharing knitting patterns? 🙂