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Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay and lang may yer lum reek! Well 2016 has been an absolute and utter exciting roller coaster of an adventure for my wee family and I, so to summarise; January seen us being accepted onto several housing waiting lists in Scotland and discovering a relationship style known as polyamory. I was also prescribed a very strong drug called […]

The Aftermath of the Scottish Independence Referendum

I am DISGUSTED! Not because the #BetterTogether campaign won, but because of the behaviour that has been on public display since the results came in. Be gracious: there is no need for the violence, no need to terrify anyone because of their opinions or how they voted. It was bad enough this week hearing some parents in my children’s school […]


Glasgow Pakora Sauce

Pakora ‘Weegie Stylee Recently I was a little homesick for “real” Pakora sauce I remember from home (Glasgow-ish lol), not this sweet chilli or lemony stuff they use around Geordieland and with a little Google-y magic I found this video on YouTube by Bertie Bassett. I’ve not tried it out yet but I couldn’t keep this wee gem to myself […]