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Facebook Active Status

Hawl Mark Zucchinifuckwit do you have any idea how much your site’s programming is fucking with mine and others’ mental health? I have Facebook chat switched off. It’s switched off via website, app & the messenger app, yet when I log into another site via Facebook it lets my entire list think that I’m actively on Facebook and therefore ignoring […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

I’m literally in the middle of doing my shopping, I get to the cereal and find this…   How is it possible for all of these cereals to weigh the same, be the same price per 100g but not have the same overall price? I’m so infuriated, I nearly got up and went shopping in person…LOL

The Aftermath of the Scottish Independence Referendum

I am DISGUSTED! Not because the #BetterTogether campaign won, but because of the behaviour that has been on public display since the results came in. Be gracious: there is no need for the violence, no need to terrify anyone because of their opinions or how they voted. It was bad enough this week hearing some parents in my children’s school […]

scottish not british

Scottish, not British!

I updated my change of address with the Electoral Register again last week, I think that’s the third time since moving? I haven’t been keeping track but that isn’t what’s bothering me, this is… I am SCOTTISH! Not British, not Irish, but Scottish! I don’t need help with my nationality because I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and that for […]

These 296 MPs need to hang their heads in shame!

MPs: Hang Your Heads I’d like to thank my local MP,┬áDave Anderson for not appearing on this shameful list! I am disgusted that we have allowed society to fall so far. If you have a spare minute could you please take time to contact your MP and ask them to support the fight against poverty in the UK? You can […]