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My Son has Autism

Was it the MMR? Did I eat a healthy diet? Was I exposed to chemicals? Did I behave responsibly before, during & after pregnancy? Did I run away with aliens? I have lost count how many times people ask ridiculous questions like this when they find out my son has Autism. They never seem satisfied by the answers that current research provides […]

Top 5 Rainy Day Activities For Children

How often do you hear the words “I’m bored…” followed by a lot of incoherent gibberish because it’s raining? Well, no more because I’m going to arm you with 5 activities that keep my own children entertained for hours on end! Make Play Dough for them, never with them. Smaller kids just don’t have the required patience to wait for […]

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A Heatwave During September?

My eldest son tells me that there will be a snow storm on Monday and that this snow won’t stop falling until there is a whole 4ft of it on the ground.  As much as I really want to believe him, I can’t.  It was 27°C today.  It’s the end of September, it’s not meant to be this damn hot, […]

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Keeping It Real: Behavioural Problems

At the end of July the schools broke up for summer and it has for the most part felt like hell on earth.  Endless baiting, lying and manipulating from my 14 year old DD, my 12 year old DS vanishing off to his Nana’s to get peace from his big sister, my 3 year old DD mimicking the 14 year […]

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Run Ragged

Life around here has been a little chaotic since Sunday evening. Paeton was sick, then sick again, then again and again. She was fine all day and night Monday and when I woke her up on Tuesday she was covered in sick. All Tuesday day and night she was fine again and then spent all of yesterday throwing up. Triple […]