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Moving House {again} & My eBay Listings

We’re moving house but there are a few things listed on eBay that we’re unable to take with us; the fridge/freezer because it died on Thursday and the wee yin’s trampoline because it won’t fit in the new garden…

Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns – To a Mouse

January 25th is the day *us* Scottish folk celebrate the life and creativity of Rabbie Burns, we usually have haggis, neeps n tatties for dinner, a wee dram or two and a sing song so click through and I hope you enjoy To a Mouse…

Brief Update

A (not-so) Brief Update

The school holidays were¬†pretty uneventful and nowhere near as stressful as previous years but I was run off my feet, priorities had to be established and as you probably noticed this blog didn’t make the list. I had a plan of getting back into the swing of writing once the kids went back to school but that plan went straight […]

You’re Nice When You’re Asleep!

You’re nice when you’re asleep! I heard those exact words fly out of Darren’s mouth last night, can you believe his audacity? Not that I can or will blame him because I was jabbing his ribs at the time. No, don’t judge me, he makes a funny noise and pulls a funny face. It’s a temptation I can’t say no […]

Missing Image

I Have No Title

I’ve done so much today that I don’t know where to begin or even how to title my blog *LOL*.¬† Done some housework this morning, fed Ciaran, played with Paeton and then we all got ready to go out. I bought a new coffee table, it’s amazing how much space we have now that Triple D’s pride & joy (ie […]