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An old insightful draft…

I recently learned a difficult lesson about boundaries. I learned that some people who insist upon you having them are usually the same people who object when you assert those same boundaries between you and them. I learned those who object are more likely to be using at least one recognisable method of control and/or manipulation in relation to your […]

Mental Health “wobble”

I deactivated my Facebook account earlier today, the content was really beginning to fuck me over. I am also considering closing my CUP shop and cancelling my Adobe subscription…who knows? Anyhoo, I’m using Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (ImpishMeUK) if you’d like to keep in touch. I’ve also made a public chat on Telegram for *status updates* or general chatter… whatever.


Today I have decided that my life is MINE! Today I have decided that I am in control of myself and how I react to the energy that other people give off Today I am going to start learning things ~ I want to learn to make soap, bath bombs, candles and learn to crochet again and I WILL! Today […]

Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay and lang may yer lum reek! Well 2016 has been an absolute and utter exciting roller coaster of an adventure for my wee family and I, so to summarise; January seen us being accepted onto several housing waiting lists in Scotland and discovering a relationship style known as polyamory. I was also prescribed a very strong drug called […]

The Hills

I went out for a drive with Ren on Tuesday afternoon and I took a few photos along the way 😁😍 These particular views are between Balloch and Helensburgh on the A818. I’m afraid the photos never do the actual view any justice, you’d need to visit and see for yourself! 😉