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OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

A wordy piece about how my physical & mental health issues intertwine and cause absolute chaos with my free time and creativity.

I Grow as I Heal

I used to see myself as articulate, but recently I lack the words to express how I feel. I peeked so far into the rabbit hole that I fell in, and now there’s no changing the truth no matter how much I want to return to the belief of having a “normal” childhood. At the end of last year it became […]

Impish Me in the UK living life

My Line in the Sand

If I had my way, my kin would be playing happy families. I’m an eternal optimist, however, lately the burden of reality has interfered with my permanent grin. If truth be told, my whole world came crashing down upon learning a disturbing amount of home truths about a close family member. I have dismissed a lot of proof during most of […]

I Feel Lost in the Fog

Forever trying to organise the chaos that is my life, but always being distracted from the current task is beginning to take its toll. I’m not sure whether it’s the Fibromyalgia or no longer needing to remember every moment of every day, but my short-term memory is getting very muggy and full of fog. I’m beginning to think I need […]

Brief Update

A (not-so) Brief Update

The school holidays were pretty uneventful and nowhere near as stressful as previous years but I was run off my feet, priorities had to be established and as you probably noticed this blog didn’t make the list. I had a plan of getting back into the swing of writing once the kids went back to school but that plan went straight […]