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My 2 Dads, 2.4 Children & I don’t mean 90s television…

I lovingly refer to my family as my “Jerry Springer Entourage” because whether they like it or not, each one of them has had a hand in shaping who I am today. To begin with, I am my wee Mammy’s youngest, my *biological* Dad’s middle child and for a while I was my *adoptive* Dad’s only until he remarried and […]

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

Dear Dad, I miss you, I love you and I’m incredibly happy that we are speaking again. I don’t have many memories about you from childhood but the ones I do have tend to make me giggle like a wee girl, do you remember bringing live lobsters into Nana’s kitchen when I was little? I also remember mention of Strawberry […]

The Paton Challenge

My Dad (Hello Dad! *waves*) issued me a challenge today, to trace his side of my family tree, thus The Paton Challenge. I think he’s playing with me, I think he knows a fair bit about his family and is just testing me. Isn’t that right, Dad? I never had the honour of meeting my grandfather, James Paton (b. 1909, […]

Wedding Anniversary: 119 Years Ago Today

Wedding Anniversary On June 4th 1894 my Great Grandparents, Thomas James Hollywood (b. 1874, d. 1942 Glasgow) & Elizabeth McNamara (b. 1869, d. 1949 Glasgow), got married in Glasgow, Scotland. Their Parents Thomas’ parents were Edward Hollywood (b. abt 1834, d. before 4 June 1894) and Sarah Mullan (b. abt 1838, d. after 1911). Elizabeth’s parents were William McNamara (b. […]

Happy Birthday Chef

Today is my big brother’s birthday and although we may not speak very often, I do love him very much and he’s always in my thoughts. Dear Alan, Happy Birthday Chef, I hope that you have a marvellous day and that you’re spoiled rotten. I’ve read excellent things about your ability to read a recipe ((Alan Paton Wins at Skills […]