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Playing Dress-up with Jodie Foster

I had very few spoons on the eve of Halloween because my neighbours upstairs thought it a good idea to fight all night after throwing a kids party. It sounded an awful lot like behaviour that shouldn’t be witnessed by children and it didn’t stop until long after they’d woken up the whole close.  The lack of spoons led to […]

Whinhill/Strone Greenock

Hannah McGuire McLachlan

Hannah McGuire McLachlan was the daughter of Peter and Margaret (nee Hamilton) and she was born in Greenock on the 4th September 1891. When Hannah was born, her parents lived at 70 Ann Street, Greenock and when my eldest was born in 1996 I lived around the corner at 86 Drumfrochar Road. Hannah’s parents, Peter (22) and Margaret (19) got […]

Paton: Challenge Accepted!

My research into my *biological* paternal line, starting with my grandparents: James Paton and Ann Jane McLaughlin of Greenock, Scotland.


Meet my Grandfather: William James Aitken Loughlin

My grandmother’s tangled web of deceit becomes unraveled after discovering the truth in public records, not quite sure how to feel but I know I need to find out the whole story.

william alan loughlin

May you RIP Uncle Alan

Remembering William Alan Loughlin 53 years ago today, my Uncle Alan (William Alan Loughlin b. 6 December 1939 Glasgow, Scotland; d. 17 August 1961, Singapore) and his two friends, SAC Robert Trevor Kell and SAC James Sprott, (RAF Police Association, unfortunately the links to the Straits Times no longer load.) died in Singapore. They were all in the RAF but […]