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Gluten Free Luxury Christmas Large Turkey Hamper

So, I know I don’t celebrate most holidays #humbug, but I do love turkey; more so roast turkey with all the trimmings and MuscleFood have an awesome gluten free hamper worth every penny (minus the sprouts, obviously) up for grabs. Oh, if you would like a free gift with your order, I have this code you can use: IK165704


Foodventures with FreeFrom

My health has taken an unfortunate nosedive in the realms of food and my inability to eat most of it. It’s a regular vicious cycle, because I choke randomly & often, have Silent Reflux & Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As you can imagine these problems put a damper on mealtimes. At the moment I am highly restricted; sugar/artificial sweeteners, dairy (except […]

Meal Planning

Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning with FYF20Quid I like & follow a page on Facebook called Feed your family for about £20 a week. FYF20Quid has been so helpful in saving money on my grocery shopping and meal planning, that I thought I really should share. They also have a recipe section on their website where you can add your own! TOP TIPS Do […]

Hot Dogs Man Style

I recently saw a video doing the rounds on what I consider to possibly be the best hot dog ever conceived! The idea of making any form of food better as any “real man” will tell you is to simply add some cheese and wrap it in bacon. This hot dog does this perfectly. As the video shows it’s a […]


Glasgow Pakora Sauce

Pakora ‘Weegie Stylee Recently I was a little homesick for “real” Pakora sauce I remember from home (Glasgow-ish lol), not this sweet chilli or lemony stuff they use around Geordieland and with a little Google-y magic I found this video on YouTube by Bertie Bassett. I’ve not tried it out yet but I couldn’t keep this wee gem to myself […]