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Are you more like Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple or Columbo?

My result: Look out Sherlock Holmes, there’s a new super-sleuth in town! Looks like you’d be able to give the world’s greatest detective a run for his money! Yours seems to be a mind of many doors, all of which you have the key to. Very few things remain hidden to your eye, which has served you well through life. Bravo! […]

Can you speak British English?

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Oh my! What are these pinups doing?

Pinups being naughty? [playbuzz-game game=””]

Workout: Yoga

What Workout Are You?

Workout: I am Yoga It says that my workout is Yoga, I am easy-going & calm? There is some truth behind this I’m sure. Such a shame that some things are not as clear cut or black & white as they sometimes appear to be I guess. [playbuzz-game game=””]