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Alan Becker

Do You Know Alan Becker?

Alan Becker is an incredibly talented Animator that Darren found on YouTube. However, I’m not sure what is more impressive; that he looked at something that wasn’t related to Minecraft or this lad’s talent. If you like what you see, let him know by subscribing & sharing! Alan Becker: The Animation Alan Becker: Real-life Instant Messaging So, what do you think? […]

Comedy Relief

A Little Comedy Relief

Comedy: A Few of my Favourite Stand-ups I’m a bit stuck for words today so instead of my usual, inane ramblings here are a few of my favourite comedy clips on YouTube. Disclaimer: if easily offended, leave now! Karen Dunbar Karen is from Ayrshire in Scotland and I was fortunate enough to meet her in person on the set of […]

Dunoon: Waterfall at Puck's Glen

A Wee Bit of the Big Yin on Dunoon

I was feeling a little homesick recently and did a YouTube search for Dunoon, the town where I grew up, and this wee song by Billy Connolly had me in fits of giggles! Are you a fan of The Big Yin? When I was little we used to watch him religiously and it didn’t matter if we had seen it […]

Happy Geek Day!

Some geek I am, I didn’t even know we had a day! Did you know about Geek Day? (( You Are a Geek You definitely have some nerdy ways, but you’ve evolved into something way cooler – a geek. You are free spirited and quirky. You’re proud of who you are, and you’ve got style. You may not fit in […]

Missing Image

Remember, Remember…

Today is Guy Fawkes day in the UK, it is celebrated with bonfires and fireworks so we’ll never forget treason but {and this is a huge but} that isn’t how I was taught the ins and outs of todays events in 1605.  In primary school, I was taught that Guy Fawkes was a hero and his followers brave.  They were […]