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hudson hawk

Handled It Like Hawk!

I can’t believe I got two wrong, but they were questions about characters who always gave me the heebie jeebies so… 😂 How well do you know Hudson Hawk? [playbuzz-item url=”//”]

Playing Dress-up with Jodie Foster

I had very few spoons on the eve of Halloween because my neighbours upstairs thought it a good idea to fight all night after throwing a kids party. It sounded an awful lot like behaviour that shouldn’t be witnessed by children and it didn’t stop until long after they’d woken up the whole close.  The lack of spoons led to […]

Quiz says I should be Harley Quinn, what about you?

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Horror Character

Which Horror Character are you? I got Hannibal Lector!

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A Playbuzz Quiz: Abstract Concepts

This quiz is just for fun, it would be awesome if you shared your abstract concept in the comments section below! [playbuzz-game game=””]