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Northside Tattooz - i-ching by Ferank Manseed

Northside Tattooz

I got a tattoo this week by the fantastically skilled Ferank Manseed from Northside Tattooz in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Ferank is a hand-poke tattooist (ie no machine) and he is excellent at what he does. The most painful part for me was sitting in a fixed position for about 2 hours minus a few breaks in between. However, not a lot you can […]

My First Bryce 7 Pro Render

I went on a download rampage at Daz|3D earlier, and discovered that there is a new version of Bryce available! According to my last order date it’s been a few years (being kind…) since I rendered anything…I let Pixie choose the palette!  

The Pom-Pom is Taking Off…

Please don’t laugh! I thought I had finished Pixie’s new Frozen Hat but alas, my first successful pom-pom came loose, and in my novice ability I’m not quite sure how to attach it properly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Pixie’s Frozen Hat

Pixie is Frozen-daft, so when I spotted this double-chunky wool in Newcastle’s Grainger Market, I couldn’t resist. As you can see I’m not quite finished, but I fancied a wee cuppa, and my hands/wrists/arms needed a break. One quick question before I vanish: I was wondering, if you have any recommendations for making/sharing knitting patterns? 🙂