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The Impish blog is our wordy outlet. We tend to rant and rave a lot, but we also share our artistry and humour too. Grab a comfortable seat, a snack, a cuppa and we’ll begin…


I'm Queer

I’m Queer and I’m Out!

I’m coming out as queer, I don’t mean my various quirks caused by my many sensory processing issues… I mean I am queer, or not straight! I am panromantic, gray asexual and gender fluid, I’m also polyamorous & faithful, but have only ever been in monogamous relationships. Coming out hasn’t been easy for me, I was always met with disgust, anger & […]

Life in the Fentanyl Lane

Life in the Fentanyl Lane

Do you like what I did there? #snigger simple things! It’s true. I gave up trying to fight all the pain naturally. Who am I trying to kid? I can barely get from horizontal to vertical without help in the morning and there I was with all these plans (mostly food related) which were only making my mood a lot […]

soul seeking mission

The Soul Seeking Mission of 2015

Well it’s that time of year, time to reflect over the last twelve months. The thing is, I’ve spent the last year reflecting upon my new truths which have brought down decades of intricate lies, so in a summary of 5 words for the CBA: Terrifying Incredible Eye-opening Encouraging Thought-provoking The decisions I made during the last year led to […]


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

A wordy piece about how my physical & mental health issues intertwine and cause absolute chaos with my free time and creativity.

Northside Tattooz - i-ching by Ferank Manseed

Northside Tattooz

I got a tattoo this week by the fantastically skilled Ferank Manseed from Northside Tattooz in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Ferank is a hand-poke tattooist (ie no machine) and he is excellent at what he does. The most painful part for me was sitting in a fixed position for about 2 hours minus a few breaks in between. However, not a lot you can […]