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The Impish blog is our wordy outlet. We tend to rant and rave a lot, but we also share our artistry and humour too. Grab a comfortable seat, a snack, a cuppa and we’ll begin…


My Internet is Down

My Internet connection vanished yesterday at some point in the evening after dinner and it hasn’t found its way back yet, have you seen it? It’s advertised as being speedy and reliable.  You’re a cunny funt Richard Branson! 😂😂😂 I am still about, but I’m exercising distance with my Facebook personal profile. I’m laying down boundaries during my sabbatical and […]

Isolating my Mental Health

Everything I’ve read so far on how to recover from trauma suggests going to a safe place in your mind from before the trauma, but I don’t have one, I don’t know where it is or how to get there as the abuse I endured started during pregnancy. I’ve no memory of feeling safe, there are times I let my guard […]

Horror Character

Which Horror Character are you? I got Hannibal Lector!

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Faery Light

You will need:- Paint Shop Pro 7 FilterFactory A Tube & Font of your choice (Tag created by JustFi; art created by Ed Mironiuk* – *site contains adult content) Open a new 500×500 transparent canvas. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Go to Image > Resize > 80% Bicubic All layers un-checked. Place over to the left. Go […]

Monster Rawrrr

Exclusively with CraftsUPrint

Yes, you read correct; I am now selling my designs exclusively with CraftsUPrint. You will probably still find links to the store from Google etc, but it’s merely to keep traffic flowing; my designs are only available to buy from CraftsUPrint… I hope when you visit you will find  something you love, also note several of my designs are on […]