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The Impish blog is our wordy outlet. We tend to rant and rave a lot, but we also share our artistry and humour too. Grab a comfortable seat, a snack, a cuppa and we’ll begin…


Isolating my Mental Health

Everything I’ve read so far on how to recover from trauma suggests going to a safe place in your mind from before the trauma, but I don’t have one, I don’t know where it is or how to get there as the abuse I endured started during pregnancy. I’ve no memory of feeling safe, there are times I let my guard […]

Horror Character

Faery Light

You will need:- Paint Shop Pro 7 FilterFactory A Tube & Font of your choice (Tag created by JustFi; art created by Ed Mironiuk* – *site contains adult content) Open a new 500×500 transparent canvas. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Go to Image > Resize > 80% Bicubic All layers un-checked. Place over to the left. Go […]

Monster Rawrrr

Exclusively with CraftsUPrint

Yes, you read correct; I am now selling my designs exclusively with CraftsUPrint. You will probably still find links to the store from Google etc, but it’s merely to keep traffic flowing; my designs are only available to buy from CraftsUPrint… I hope when you visit you will find  something you love, also note several of my designs are on […]

Overwhelming Emotional Response

Overwhelming Emotional Response

I had this really daft idea in my wee heid; cut all contact with the source of abuse, reconnect with those I lost and the pain will go away… HA! I completed my psychotherapy assessment and their report caused an overwhelming emotional response, but it will not defeat me because they never fucking listened. I sat there for 3 full sessions while he […]