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The Impish blog is our wordy outlet. We tend to rant and rave a lot, but we also share our artistry and humour too. Grab a comfortable seat, a snack, a cuppa and we’ll begin…


An old insightful draft…

I recently learned a difficult lesson about boundaries. I learned that some people who insist upon you having them are usually the same people who object when you assert those same boundaries between you and them. I learned those who object are more likely to be using at least one recognisable method of control and/or manipulation in relation to your […]

Mental Health “wobble”

I deactivated my Facebook account earlier today, the content was really beginning to fuck me over. I am also considering closing my CUP shop and cancelling my Adobe subscription…who knows? Anyhoo, I’m using Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (ImpishMeUK) if you’d like to keep in touch. I’ve also made a public chat on Telegram for *status updates* or general chatter… whatever.


Designer Call at CraftsUPrint

CraftsUPrint are having a call for new designers to join the team. I know a few of you are that way inclined and are either unhappy where you currently are, without a shop or would like to expand your customer base… I have a small request that you use my referral code (IREK4865VH) if you decide to send in an application.

Chocolate Burst

Chocolate Burst now available at Craftsuprint

So after a lot of technical difficulties with my ISP, I’ve finally been able to add a new card making product to my Impish Me in the UK shop on craftsuprint. Now to get my wee creative self back into Photoshop and Illustrator, after a wee gander in Tamriel & Tyria 😁👌 Enjoy and thanks for visiting! 💗


Today I have decided that my life is MINE! Today I have decided that I am in control of myself and how I react to the energy that other people give off Today I am going to start learning things ~ I want to learn to make soap, bath bombs, candles and learn to crochet again and I WILL! Today […]

Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay and lang may yer lum reek! Well 2016 has been an absolute and utter exciting roller coaster of an adventure for my wee family and I, so to summarise; January seen us being accepted onto several housing waiting lists in Scotland and discovering a relationship style known as polyamory. I was also prescribed a very strong drug called […]

The Hills

I went out for a drive with Ren on Tuesday afternoon and I took a few photos along the way 😁😍 These particular views are between Balloch and Helensburgh on the A818. I’m afraid the photos never do the actual view any justice, you’d need to visit and see for yourself! 😉

I’m Knitting Again and I made a Hat!

If you follow me on social media you probably noticed that I got a new set of looms from KnitUK [affiliate link] recently and I have to say I am very happy with the variable gauge because I’m not as limited in the size of yarn I use; yay! KnitUK‘s [affiliate link] variable gauge round looms look fabulous, don’t they? I made […]

hudson hawk

Handled It Like Hawk!

I can’t believe I got two wrong, but they were questions about characters who always gave me the heebie jeebies so… 😂 How well do you know Hudson Hawk? [playbuzz-item url=”//www.playbuzz.com/chibuikestyles10/hudson-hawk-25th-anniversary-trivia”]

Impish Self-care

In Therapy & Off Fentanyl

I had an appointment with my GP on Monday morning, we decided the best course of action in regards to my (lowest dosage) Fentanyl prescription was to rip the patch off at bedtime that evening rather than delay the inevitable. There was a second choice which involved leaving the patch on until it fell off by itself, but in no way […]

Gluten Free Luxury Christmas Large Turkey Hamper

So, I know I don’t celebrate most holidays #humbug, but I do love turkey; more so roast turkey with all the trimmings and MuscleFood have an awesome gluten free hamper worth every penny (minus the sprouts, obviously) up for grabs. Oh, if you would like a free gift with your order, I have this code you can use: IK165704

Playing Dress-up with Jodie Foster

I had very few spoons on the eve of Halloween because my neighbours upstairs thought it a good idea to fight all night after throwing a kids party. It sounded an awful lot like behaviour that shouldn’t be witnessed by children and it didn’t stop until long after they’d woken up the whole close.  The lack of spoons led to […]

Whinhill/Strone Greenock

Hannah McGuire McLachlan

Hannah McGuire McLachlan was the daughter of Peter and Margaret (nee Hamilton) and she was born in Greenock on the 4th September 1891. When Hannah was born, her parents lived at 70 Ann Street, Greenock and when my eldest was born in 1996 I lived around the corner at 86 Drumfrochar Road. Hannah’s parents, Peter (22) and Margaret (19) got […]

Quiz says I should be Harley Quinn, what about you?

[playbuzz-item url=”//www.playbuzz.com/popbuzz10/which-halloween-costume-should-you-rock-this-year”]

Facebook Active Status

Hawl Mark Zucchinifuckwit do you have any idea how much your site’s programming is fucking with mine and others’ mental health? I have Facebook chat switched off. It’s switched off via website, app & the messenger app, yet when I log into another site via Facebook it lets my entire list think that I’m actively on Facebook and therefore ignoring […]

Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale

Did you know I am having a Spooktactular sale at Craftsuprint this weekend to celebrate Halloween! I’ve also set up a Facebook event, in case your memory is as good as mine #snigger, I do hope you can join me.

My Internet is Down

My Internet connection vanished yesterday at some point in the evening after dinner and it hasn’t found its way back yet, have you seen it? It’s advertised as being speedy and reliable.  You’re a cunny funt Richard Branson! 😂😂😂 I am still about, but I’m exercising distance with my Facebook personal profile. I’m laying down boundaries during my sabbatical and […]

Isolating my Mental Health

Everything I’ve read so far on how to recover from trauma suggests going to a safe place in your mind from before the trauma, but I don’t have one, I don’t know where it is or how to get there as the abuse I endured started during pregnancy. I’ve no memory of feeling safe, there are times I let my guard […]

Horror Character

Which Horror Character are you? I got Hannibal Lector!

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Faery Light

You will need:- Paint Shop Pro 7 FilterFactory A Tube & Font of your choice (Tag created by JustFi; art created by Ed Mironiuk* – *site contains adult content) Open a new 500×500 transparent canvas. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Go to Image > Resize > 80% Bicubic All layers un-checked. Place over to the left. Go […]

Monster Rawrrr

Exclusively with CraftsUPrint

Yes, you read correct; I am now selling my designs exclusively with CraftsUPrint. You will probably still find links to the store from Google etc, but it’s merely to keep traffic flowing; my designs are only available to buy from CraftsUPrint… I hope when you visit you will find  something you love, also note several of my designs are on […]

Overwhelming Emotional Response

Overwhelming Emotional Response

I had this really daft idea in my wee heid; cut all contact with the source of abuse, reconnect with those I lost and the pain will go away… HA! I completed my psychotherapy assessment and their report caused an overwhelming emotional response, but it will not defeat me because they never fucking listened. I sat there for 3 full sessions while he […]

I'm Queer

I’m Queer and I’m Out!

I’m coming out as queer, I don’t mean my various quirks caused by my many sensory processing issues… I mean I am queer, or not straight! I am panromantic, gray asexual and gender fluid, I’m also polyamorous & faithful, but have only ever been in monogamous relationships. Coming out hasn’t been easy for me, I was always met with disgust, anger & […]

Life in the Fentanyl Lane

Life in the Fentanyl Lane

Do you like what I did there? #snigger simple things! It’s true. I gave up trying to fight all the pain naturally. Who am I trying to kid? I can barely get from horizontal to vertical without help in the morning and there I was with all these plans (mostly food related) which were only making my mood a lot […]

soul seeking mission

The Soul Seeking Mission of 2015

Well it’s that time of year, time to reflect over the last twelve months. The thing is, I’ve spent the last year reflecting upon my new truths which have brought down decades of intricate lies, so in a summary of 5 words for the CBA: Terrifying Incredible Eye-opening Encouraging Thought-provoking The decisions I made during the last year led to […]


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

A wordy piece about how my physical & mental health issues intertwine and cause absolute chaos with my free time and creativity.

Northside Tattooz - i-ching by Ferank Manseed

Northside Tattooz

I got a tattoo this week by the fantastically skilled Ferank Manseed from Northside Tattooz in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Ferank is a hand-poke tattooist (ie no machine) and he is excellent at what he does. The most painful part for me was sitting in a fixed position for about 2 hours minus a few breaks in between. However, not a lot you can […]

Photo Press

Photo Press

Photo Press is a Paint Shop Pro signature tag tutorial using a selection of your own digital graphic resources.   You will need:- Paint Shop Pro Tube & Font of your choice. Open a new 400×400 transparent canvas. FloodFill with a colour that compliments your tube. Copy & paste your tube as a new layer. Merge Visible. Effects > Reflection […]

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me!

I’ve made it through another year, go me! 😎 Let’s celebrate and have a happy birthday with a…discount? My Happy Birthday Sale Use the following code during check-out to save 63% off your order (excludes Commercial Use products): BDAY37 Please remember to stop by my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest and also subscribe to my newsletter, as I […]

Antique Net

Antique Net

Antique Net is a Paint Shop Pro signature tag tutorial using third-party filters and various resources from your own collection.     You will need:- Paint Shop Pro Tube & Font of your choice. Open a new 500×500 White canvas. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and resize by 75% Bicubic resample, aspect ratio checked, all layers […]


Foodventures with FreeFrom

My health has taken an unfortunate nosedive in the realms of food and my inability to eat most of it. It’s a regular vicious cycle, because I choke randomly & often, have Silent Reflux & Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As you can imagine these problems put a damper on mealtimes. At the moment I am highly restricted; sugar/artificial sweeteners, dairy (except […]

Meal Planning

Meal Planning Tips

Meal Planning with FYF20Quid I like & follow a page on Facebook called Feed your family for about £20 a week. FYF20Quid has been so helpful in saving money on my grocery shopping and meal planning, that I thought I really should share. They also have a recipe section on their website where you can add your own! TOP TIPS Do […]

Time to Reflect

Time to Reflect

Time to Reflect {formerly What’s Your Problem?} is a Paint Shop Pro signature tag tutorial using third-party filters and various resources from your own collection. You will need:- Corel Paint Shop Pro X (PC) Craquelure 3D Filters Unlimited 2 Tube & Font of your choice. Open up your tube in PSP and press Shift D to duplicate it. Remove any […]

Angelic Illusion

Angelic Illusion

Angelic Illusion is a signature tag tutorial by Irene Knight using Jasc/Corel Paint Shop Pro {PSP}, Toadies & your own digital resources.

Creative Minds I’m having a Team Call

Creative Team Call Great you’re here! What an awesome start! You’re just the person I’m looking for! My creative team has positions available for the creatively minded.. I’ve listed the “responsibilities” and a few of the perks. There’s definitely an imbalance but I hope in the right way. Creative (yet Minimal) Application Form The application form has been moved to […]

I Grow as I Heal

I used to see myself as articulate, but recently I lack the words to express how I feel. I peeked so far into the rabbit hole that I fell in, and now there’s no changing the truth no matter how much I want to return to the belief of having a “normal” childhood. At the end of last year it became […]

A Playbuzz Quiz: Abstract Concepts

This quiz is just for fun, it would be awesome if you shared your abstract concept in the comments section below! [playbuzz-game game=”http://www.playbuzz.com/tobyp10/what-abstract-concept-are-you”]

Win Adobe CC for FREE for LIFE!

Aye, I hear you, I never win anything either but when it’s free to enter and Google provides spectacular spam tools, who can resist? I would love to win access to Adobe Creative Cloud, because it would be a great opportunity to expand my tool set! Adobe: Win a Lifetime Subscription to CC What would you install and play with […]

My Son has Autism

Was it the MMR? Did I eat a healthy diet? Was I exposed to chemicals? Did I behave responsibly before, during & after pregnancy? Did I run away with aliens? I have lost count how many times people ask ridiculous questions like this when they find out my son has Autism. They never seem satisfied by the answers that current research provides […]

Two Tone

Two Tone is a signature tag tutorial by Irene Knight using Jasc/Corel Paint Shop Pro {PSP}.

Paton: Challenge Accepted!

My research into my *biological* paternal line, starting with my grandparents: James Paton and Ann Jane McLaughlin of Greenock, Scotland.


Retro-active is a signature tag tutorial using Paint Shop Pro, a third-party plugin & your own digital resources. You will need:- Corel Paint Shop Pro X (PC) Mura’s Copies Tube, Brush & Font of your choice. Begin by creating a new 550×400 transparent canvas and your tube. Floodfill with a colour from your tube. Go to Layers > Add New Raster […]

Hot Dogs Man Style

I recently saw a video doing the rounds on what I consider to possibly be the best hot dog ever conceived! The idea of making any form of food better as any “real man” will tell you is to simply add some cheese and wrap it in bacon. This hot dog does this perfectly. As the video shows it’s a […]

A Minecraft Animation. Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Minecraft: A well deserved fascination! Darren and I were watching Stan Lee interviews & cameos on YouTube when we came across this incredible Avengers themed Minecraft video, you have to watch it! What did you think? Were you entertained? I was certainly inspired by it! Everyone in our house loves Minecraft, well I try to love it, but I have […]

Sultry Heart

Sultry Heart is a signature tag tutorial using Paint Shop Pro, Eye Candy 4000 and a handful of your own digital resources. You will need: Paint Shop Pro Eye Candy 4000 Tube & Font of choice. Heart shape Create a new 400×400 canvas. Open up your tube and minimize for just now. Select Preset Shapes Heart Create as vector Retain […]


More Minions, I Love Minions.

Did you know that recent research has led us to believe that Minions are addictive? I know, it’s incredible isn’t it? How did they not already know? Is this tape in a store near you? I’ve got to have some. I know I will probably never use it, but it’s just one of those things! Anyway, have you seen the […]

Missing Image

Are you more like Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple or Columbo?

My result: Look out Sherlock Holmes, there’s a new super-sleuth in town! Looks like you’d be able to give the world’s greatest detective a run for his money! Yours seems to be a mind of many doors, all of which you have the key to. Very few things remain hidden to your eye, which has served you well through life. Bravo! […]

Antique Eye

Antique Eye is a signature tag tutorial using Paint Shop Pro, third party plugins & your own digital resources. Things you will need for this tutorial: Paint Shop Pro Redfield’s Jama 3D Super Blade Pro Eye Candy 3 Neology Tube and Font of your choice. Open up a new 400×400 Transparent Image & your tube. Copy and Paste your tube […]

Knitted Beret using a Round Loom

I wish I had the cognitive ability to follow this tutorial, but I can just watch in awe, and hope that one day my brain will return to its full function lol.

What’s wrong with this picture?

I’m literally in the middle of doing my shopping, I get to the cereal and find this…   How is it possible for all of these cereals to weigh the same, be the same price per 100g but not have the same overall price? I’m so infuriated, I nearly got up and went shopping in person…LOL

Impish Me in the UK living life

My Line in the Sand

If I had my way, my kin would be playing happy families. I’m an eternal optimist, however, lately the burden of reality has interfered with my permanent grin. If truth be told, my whole world came crashing down upon learning a disturbing amount of home truths about a close family member. I have dismissed a lot of proof during most of […]

My First Bryce 7 Pro Render

I went on a download rampage at Daz|3D earlier, and discovered that there is a new version of Bryce available! According to my last order date it’s been a few years (being kind…) since I rendered anything…I let Pixie choose the palette!  


Digi Express: I Love…

Welcome to the Impish Me in the UK stop of the Digi Express Blog Train, if you get lost you can return to the beginning at any time. Enjoy. Yeh, I have been quite lazy since the last Digi Express blog train, I can only apologise, but it wouldn’t do any good. My life has always been one huge chaotic […]

An Introduction to Northern Soul

Poor Pixie is off school today with a blocked nose, sore throat, bad cough and a temperature, but she does love listening to music. She keeps giving me into trouble for turning the music down. Pixie absolutely loves Northern Soul, and who could blame her? I thought I would share the playlist we’re listening to with you. I dare you […]

I Feel Lost in the Fog

Forever trying to organise the chaos that is my life, but always being distracted from the current task is beginning to take its toll. I’m not sure whether it’s the Fibromyalgia or no longer needing to remember every moment of every day, but my short-term memory is getting very muggy and full of fog. I’m beginning to think I need […]

The Pom-Pom is Taking Off…

Please don’t laugh! I thought I had finished Pixie’s new Frozen Hat but alas, my first successful pom-pom came loose, and in my novice ability I’m not quite sure how to attach it properly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Pixie’s Frozen Hat

Pixie is Frozen-daft, so when I spotted this double-chunky wool in Newcastle’s Grainger Market, I couldn’t resist. As you can see I’m not quite finished, but I fancied a wee cuppa, and my hands/wrists/arms needed a break. One quick question before I vanish: I was wondering, if you have any recommendations for making/sharing knitting patterns? 🙂

Digi Express: Time for Change

Welcome to the Impish Me in the UK stop of the Digi Express Blog Train, if you get lost you can return to the beginning at any time. Enjoy. UPDATE (2nd November 2014): Download link has now been fixed, thanks for the heads up, and please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. UPDATE: 2nd December 2014: Time for Change can […]

It’s a Work in Progress

Who doesn’t like a work in progress? An infinite learning experience towards self-improvement and englightenment, who wouldn’t want that? Shush, it was rhetorical! 🙂 You will notice some more changes soon, but for now this will have to do, as I committed myself to contributing to The Digi Express blog train, my piece is ready so why wait?   If […]

Getting Ready to Move…

I bet you’re missing my random drivel? No don’t bother denying it, I know you better than you think. I miss you too! 😛 I am getting ready to move this site to a new server with HostGator.   After I’ve moved you’re going to notice a few changes, they’re all good, however if you’d like to see something specific just […]

Pixie’s Tidal Wave Bracelet

The Rainbow Loom Band bug has truly taken hold in this home. I first spotted them on Amazon last year, and started stockpiling them for when Pixie discovered them. A Mum just knows, I’m not sure whether it’s primal, maternal or what, it just is what it is. I came across this Tidal Wave tutorial on YouTube, so far I’ve […]

The Aftermath of the Scottish Independence Referendum

I am DISGUSTED! Not because the #BetterTogether campaign won, but because of the behaviour that has been on public display since the results came in. Be gracious: there is no need for the violence, no need to terrify anyone because of their opinions or how they voted. It was bad enough this week hearing some parents in my children’s school […]

Missing Image

Just Fi

For those who don’t know me, I’m Fi, Just Fi, kinda like Harry, Just Harry but without the magic, although I can take money out of the hole in the wall with out my card so maybe a hint of magic *wink* I’m Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations, but I wear many, many hats, […]

introducing amanda braiy

Just me

I think for my first ever blog I should introduce myself and my family (seeing as they will be subject to my musings at some point) . I am Amanda and I am 41 and have 3 children, 2 girls and one boy, and a big dopey dog. I am originally from Manchester, and moved to the North-East of England […]

introducing amanda braiy

Introducing Amanda Bray

Introducing Amanda Bray, she is a relatively new friend of mine in the grand scheme of my Internet existence and she will be sharing some posts with you soon. I met this mentalist online like I do with most of my friends because as you probably know; I like fonts, I don’t like people! The best thing, Amanda isn’t that keen […]


Meet my Grandfather: William James Aitken Loughlin

My grandmother’s tangled web of deceit becomes unraveled after discovering the truth in public records, not quite sure how to feel but I know I need to find out the whole story.

Can you speak British English?

[playbuzz-game game=”http://www.playbuzz.com/rachaelg/can-you-speak-british-english”]


*Drumroll please* and the winner is…

I realise my little prize draw ended on Tuesday and I really meant to post the winner, but I’ve battled against a Fibromyalgia flare up, an infection in my gums & treating 2 extraction sites from my dental visit last Friday, so unfortunately I am not feeling my best and I would be forever grateful if you would accept my […]


Oh my! What are these pinups doing?

Pinups being naughty? [playbuzz-game game=”http://www.playbuzz.com/katewalker10/can-you-guess-what-this-pin-up-girl-is-doing”]

william alan loughlin

May you RIP Uncle Alan

Remembering William Alan Loughlin 53 years ago today, my Uncle Alan (William Alan Loughlin b. 6 December 1939 Glasgow, Scotland; d. 17 August 1961, Singapore) and his two friends, SAC Robert Trevor Kell and SAC James Sprott, (RAF Police Association, unfortunately the links to the Straits Times no longer load.) died in Singapore. They were all in the RAF but […]

scottish not british

Scottish, not British!

I updated my change of address with the Electoral Register again last week, I think that’s the third time since moving? I haven’t been keeping track but that isn’t what’s bothering me, this is… I am SCOTTISH! Not British, not Irish, but Scottish! I don’t need help with my nationality because I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and that for […]


Glasgow Pakora Sauce

Pakora ‘Weegie Stylee Recently I was a little homesick for “real” Pakora sauce I remember from home (Glasgow-ish lol), not this sweet chilli or lemony stuff they use around Geordieland and with a little Google-y magic I found this video on YouTube by Bertie Bassett. I’ve not tried it out yet but I couldn’t keep this wee gem to myself […]

My 2 Dads, 2.4 Children & I don’t mean 90s television…

I lovingly refer to my family as my “Jerry Springer Entourage” because whether they like it or not, each one of them has had a hand in shaping who I am today. To begin with, I am my wee Mammy’s youngest, my *biological* Dad’s middle child and for a while I was my *adoptive* Dad’s only until he remarried and […]

Workout: Yoga

What Workout Are You?

Workout: I am Yoga It says that my workout is Yoga, I am easy-going & calm? There is some truth behind this I’m sure. Such a shame that some things are not as clear cut or black & white as they sometimes appear to be I guess. [playbuzz-game game=”http://www.playbuzz.com/inspiyr10/what-workout-are-you”]


Creating Swatches in Illustrator

If you’re as easily irritated by first world problems as I am, it probably annoys you beyond belief when you open Illustrator to have to dump the default swatches before you can begin your creative process every single time.I confess I am guilty of post necromancy! The following tutorial may see familiar because it was first published on my old […]

What Voodoo do you do?

Voodoo? I did this Voodoo quiz and it said that I am Papa Legba. While I may aspire to reach the entirety of this description, I will be grateful for the steps that have taken me some of the way there so far… Papa Legba, God of the Crossroads You are an old-soul, calm and composed in every situation. You […]

life hacks

Impish Life Hacks

Life Hacks: The Impish Way! I love tips, I prefer the money kind but the genius kind are just as fortunate so I thought I’d share (because I’m nice like that! lol). Once upon a time my favourite tipple was Vodka but it hasn’t passed my lips for nearly 8 years now. In fact, nothing alcoholic has because I was […]

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary Challenge

According to this Urban Dictionary challenge, I don’t know what amuse booze, hopped up on the bean or “deepfave” are, but I did guess 12 out of 15 correctly. How many can you get right? I would love to know who coined the term “Granny Manties” though, I mean come on, really? Why was there even a need for a saying […]

Do you have a freeloader at home? We did but not anymore…

We recently had my brother-in-law living on our sofa until it dawned on us that he wasn’t actually doing anything productive to fix his living arrangements. His Dad dumped him at our house about 4 weeks ago and didn’t even ask  if we’d mind playing Mum & Dad to a 26-year-old fully grown adult. Freeloader No More The drama really […]


Blogging, what’s the point?

Here I am, the disappearing reappearing blogger. In fact I am no blogger. I don’t deserve the title. When it comes to writing, I am a master procrastinator. Don’t believe me? Then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment… Blogging: To Blog or Not to Blog? Before I set up this blog and after I had the idea, I should’ve spent […]

It’s Moving Day!

Hands up if you like moving house…

Moving House {again} & My eBay Listings

We’re moving house but there are a few things listed on eBay that we’re unable to take with us; the fridge/freezer because it died on Thursday and the wee yin’s trampoline because it won’t fit in the new garden…

Missing Image

Blogthings: What language are you?

Just a lazy Sunday evening being passed by much randomness, BuzzFeed said I was Tina Turner earlier…lol

Rabbie Burns

Rabbie Burns – To a Mouse

January 25th is the day *us* Scottish folk celebrate the life and creativity of Rabbie Burns, we usually have haggis, neeps n tatties for dinner, a wee dram or two and a sing song so click through and I hope you enjoy To a Mouse…

These 296 MPs need to hang their heads in shame!

MPs: Hang Your Heads I’d like to thank my local MP, Dave Anderson for not appearing on this shameful list! I am disgusted that we have allowed society to fall so far. If you have a spare minute could you please take time to contact your MP and ask them to support the fight against poverty in the UK? You can […]

Brief Update

A (not-so) Brief Update

The school holidays were pretty uneventful and nowhere near as stressful as previous years but I was run off my feet, priorities had to be established and as you probably noticed this blog didn’t make the list. I had a plan of getting back into the swing of writing once the kids went back to school but that plan went straight […]

Pet Peeve

A Pet Peeve; BBC News

Pet Peeve: The BBC! Does anyone know who is responsible for proofreading the content on BBC News’ little red button? Yes, I am being a total ‘Grammar Nazi’ but it’s the news, people should be able to read an article from beginning to end without having to fill in the blanks, correct spelling in your head or use the correct […]


Pilates, Aquafit & Fibromyalgia

I went to my first Pilates class on Monday morning using my new GO Membership from Gateshead Council and despite how sore, tired and stiff I felt on Tuesday, it was worth every minute of the hour-long session because during the class and for several hours afterwards I felt fantastic. In fact I felt better than I have for years. […]


Is it Age? Is it Menopause? No, it’s Fibromyalgia!

For the past couple of years I have had semi-regular blood tests in an attempt to find out why I feel like a well worn wellie every hour of every day, today my doctor told me that I have Fibromyalgia. I’m not sure if knowing what it is makes me feel any better; there is no cure, I don’t get […]

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

Dear Dad, I miss you, I love you and I’m incredibly happy that we are speaking again. I don’t have many memories about you from childhood but the ones I do have tend to make me giggle like a wee girl, do you remember bringing live lobsters into Nana’s kitchen when I was little? I also remember mention of Strawberry […]

Alan Becker

Do You Know Alan Becker?

Alan Becker is an incredibly talented Animator that Darren found on YouTube. However, I’m not sure what is more impressive; that he looked at something that wasn’t related to Minecraft or this lad’s talent. If you like what you see, let him know by subscribing & sharing! Alan Becker: The Animation Alan Becker: Real-life Instant Messaging So, what do you think? […]

The Paton Challenge

My Dad (Hello Dad! *waves*) issued me a challenge today, to trace his side of my family tree, thus The Paton Challenge. I think he’s playing with me, I think he knows a fair bit about his family and is just testing me. Isn’t that right, Dad? I never had the honour of meeting my grandfather, James Paton (b. 1909, […]

Wedding Anniversary: 119 Years Ago Today

Wedding Anniversary On June 4th 1894 my Great Grandparents, Thomas James Hollywood (b. 1874, d. 1942 Glasgow) & Elizabeth McNamara (b. 1869, d. 1949 Glasgow), got married in Glasgow, Scotland. Their Parents Thomas’ parents were Edward Hollywood (b. abt 1834, d. before 4 June 1894) and Sarah Mullan (b. abt 1838, d. after 1911). Elizabeth’s parents were William McNamara (b. […]

Happy Birthday Chef

Today is my big brother’s birthday and although we may not speak very often, I do love him very much and he’s always in my thoughts. Dear Alan, Happy Birthday Chef, I hope that you have a marvellous day and that you’re spoiled rotten. I’ve read excellent things about your ability to read a recipe ((Alan Paton Wins at Skills […]

Military Brats in Dunoon

I fancy myself a bit of a detective as you might have noticed from my blog post on Saturday when I introduced my love for Genealogy. However, despite how well I’ve developed my research skills, I still can’t find most of my friends from my school days. There was a number of American Naval vessels docked at the Holy Loch […]

Top 5 Rainy Day Activities For Children

How often do you hear the words “I’m bored…” followed by a lot of incoherent gibberish because it’s raining? Well, no more because I’m going to arm you with 5 activities that keep my own children entertained for hours on end! Make Play Dough for them, never with them. Smaller kids just don’t have the required patience to wait for […]

Genealogy: Do You Know Where You Come From?

I absolutely love researching my family’s history, it started when my Mam told me I had a big sister who was born when she was young and unmarried. Being pregnant and unmarried in the 1960s isn’t the same as being in the same predicament today, or even when I found myself in the same situation just over 16 years ago. […]

Comedy Relief

A Little Comedy Relief

Comedy: A Few of my Favourite Stand-ups I’m a bit stuck for words today so instead of my usual, inane ramblings here are a few of my favourite comedy clips on YouTube. Disclaimer: if easily offended, leave now! Karen Dunbar Karen is from Ayrshire in Scotland and I was fortunate enough to meet her in person on the set of […]

Incy Wincy Spider

Are you scared of spiders? I have a handful of friends, a daughter & a sister that are petrified of them and I just can’t get them to understand that their fear is irrational. I’m not being cruel by pointing out this fact, I’m being as honest as I can to help those I care about. If they lived in […]

51% off all HostGator Hosting Plans

HostGator Sale I’ve been a happy HostGator customer for a several years now and I’m really pleased with the service. Their servers are reliable. Their staff is knowledgeable & polite and the overall experience is pleasant. Their support is open 24/7 to help you with any problem you might experience. They have a drag & drop website builder. They’ll even help you transfer […]

{at} Home with Chaos

A shameless little plug for my dear cheeky, geeky, chavtastic friend; Fi. She has started a new site to chronicle her day-to-day life {at} Home with Chaos.  I’m sure you’ll love it, she’s an absolute scatter-brain and bound to keep you entertained! In other news, have you ever cleaned a child’s bedroom? What about a bedroom shared by 1 teenager […]

You’re Nice When You’re Asleep!

You’re nice when you’re asleep! I heard those exact words fly out of Darren’s mouth last night, can you believe his audacity? Not that I can or will blame him because I was jabbing his ribs at the time. No, don’t judge me, he makes a funny noise and pulls a funny face. It’s a temptation I can’t say no […]

Dunoon: Waterfall at Puck's Glen

A Wee Bit of the Big Yin on Dunoon

I was feeling a little homesick recently and did a YouTube search for Dunoon, the town where I grew up, and this wee song by Billy Connolly had me in fits of giggles! Are you a fan of The Big Yin? When I was little we used to watch him religiously and it didn’t matter if we had seen it […]

Happy Geek Day!

Some geek I am, I didn’t even know we had a day! Did you know about Geek Day? ((http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geek_Pride_Day)) You Are a Geek You definitely have some nerdy ways, but you’ve evolved into something way cooler – a geek. You are free spirited and quirky. You’re proud of who you are, and you’ve got style. You may not fit in […]

It’s Hogmanay, Happy New Year!

Thank you very much for your support throughout 2012, yir aw fan-dabby-dozy! Best wishes & good luck in 2013 and may you all have a happy & prosperous new year! While catching up on Facebook this lunchtime I seen a post by Scotland’s People sharing a great wee song/poem posted on The Word On the Street and I had to […]

Virgin Media Live Chat FAIL!

This morning TripleD and I looked into upgrading our BroadBand speed because we’re only on a 10MB connection {10 years ago, this would have been lightning fast and more than enough LOL} but today with there being so many gadgets in this household, it’s just not enough.  So we logged into our Virgin Media account to see if there was […]

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A Little Shameless Plug

The following post is a shameless plug for Top CashBack and contains my referral linkage.  A real blog post will appear in the future :bunny: Please visit Top CashBack to create your free account. Once your account has been activated, go to your account page and click on “My Profile” and choose a username under “Member Details:” then save your […]

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Remember, Remember…

Today is Guy Fawkes day in the UK, it is celebrated with bonfires and fireworks so we’ll never forget treason but {and this is a huge but} that isn’t how I was taught the ins and outs of todays events in 1605.  In primary school, I was taught that Guy Fawkes was a hero and his followers brave.  They were […]

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A Heatwave During September?

My eldest son tells me that there will be a snow storm on Monday and that this snow won’t stop falling until there is a whole 4ft of it on the ground.  As much as I really want to believe him, I can’t.  It was 27°C today.  It’s the end of September, it’s not meant to be this damn hot, […]

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It’s My Birthday!

Good morning folks!  Today is my Birthday,  I normally have a special coupon give away to celebrate but I’m still store-less so I’ve had another idea… ?:-) I’m going to give you, my dear readers, the chance to choose which of my digital scrapbooking goodies you’d like to help yourself to :party: .  Here is what you have to do; […]

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Keeping It Real: Behavioural Problems

At the end of July the schools broke up for summer and it has for the most part felt like hell on earth.  Endless baiting, lying and manipulating from my 14 year old DD, my 12 year old DS vanishing off to his Nana’s to get peace from his big sister, my 3 year old DD mimicking the 14 year […]

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Run Ragged

Life around here has been a little chaotic since Sunday evening. Paeton was sick, then sick again, then again and again. She was fine all day and night Monday and when I woke her up on Tuesday she was covered in sick. All Tuesday day and night she was fine again and then spent all of yesterday throwing up. Triple […]

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Have You Noticed?

Have you happened to notice how much my writing is deteriorating?  I’ve lost my oomph now that I have a lot of things keeping me occupied during the day.  It was a different story when I was laid up with absolutely nothing to do but now I’ve got plenty on the go so I’m afraid to say that unless I […]

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I Have No Title

I’ve done so much today that I don’t know where to begin or even how to title my blog *LOL*.  Done some housework this morning, fed Ciaran, played with Paeton and then we all got ready to go out. I bought a new coffee table, it’s amazing how much space we have now that Triple D’s pride & joy (ie […]

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I’m Oh So Tired

I’ve been awake since 7/8am yesterday morning and well my brain just isn’t functioning well enough to write a full blog *sigh* Please accept my humblest apologies.

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Insomnia, I Think?

Another one of those blogs posted late *sigh*.  What a day it has been, I’ve been run off my feet.  However, my little housey is beginning to look fab.  Now if only I could get a decent kitchen table to replace the shoddy shelving we have in the kitchen and I’d be over the moon. Shannon & Paeton’s room has […]

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Poor Poor Darren

My poor Triple D has melted plastic burnt into one of his fingers.  He lit a fire out the back so we could burn the drawers from Paeton’s room as her new wardrobe arrived this morning and the fire melted some of the MDF covering before he had a chance to drop it in the fire.  We got his hand […]

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I’m a Cool Parent!

You Will Be a Cool Parent You seem to naturally know a lot about parenting, and you know what kids need. You can tell when it’s time to let kids off the hook, and when it’s time to lay down the law. While your parenting is modern and hip, it’s not over the top. You know that there’s nothing cool […]

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Quantum Leaping Mojo

I can’t believe they killed off Scott Bakula in Chuck, he was the perfect choice for Chuck’s Dad. *sigh*  Anyway, I only mention Mr Bakula as my mojo has leaped and I don’t know where to or when.  It’s probably in 1963 standing behind the white fence on the grassy knoll… I got up this morning; fed Paeton, got on […]

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It’s Raining and I want Wellies

I woke up to the sound of rain pelting off the windows this morning and it sounded so tranquil till I heard “Mummmmmmmmmmy breakfast please” *LOL* it has been very noisy since that moment. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just that I was enjoying the sound of the rain but now I want a pair of wellies so I can […]

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I wrote this blog on September 30th but the post date will say September 29th cause I don’t like gaps in my calendar *LOL*.  I never quite managed to post a blog last night as I was completely and utterly shattered. Paeton and I went out on a shopping trip, to get her some new shoes and gather the ingredients […]

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Multi-Tasking Domestic Goddess

It’s just gone 11pm and this is the first break I’ve had all day, I feel a little tired but not too sore.  I have nearly all my laundry done but the living room could do with a vacuum.  Today just kind of flew by very quickly.  Shannon and Tyler went to school, Paeton went to nursery, Darren worked and […]

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Hello? Is There Anybody Out There?

Do you know what?  I’ve been sat staring at this screen for nearly an hour and I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say *LOL*.  I’m drained after a full on weekend so I’m away to order some housie type stuff and go to bed.  Goodnight x

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Disco Pants and Haircuts

Rather obscure title isn’t it?  I’m feeling the blues…not the baby blues though, just in a rather groovy and funky mood to the point I wished it wasn’t so late so I could play in Photoshop and listen to The Blues Brothers soundtrack on Spotify. I think it’s probably just extreme tiredness, I’m so done in I look like a […]

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Today has been especially busy and I feel like I could sleep for a month.  Shannon & Tyler went to school, Paeton went to nursery, Ciaran ate & slept while I started the de-cluttering process which I plan on continuing over the weekend.  I folded some laundry and then it was time to go to Paeton’s funding review for her […]

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A Raging Emo Has Emerged

I’m fuming, frustrated and I’d be quite happy to rip somebody’s head off, anyone will do, I just need to get rid of some anger.  I’m not going to say why I feel like this as I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t help me feel any better.  I just wanted to be able to say I’m well and truly hacked off. […]

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Happy Anniversary Kristi & Joe

Today is my good friend Kristi and her husband Joe’s 5th wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary you two, I hope today and every day after is full of happiness and smiles.  Lots of love from us to you!

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You are a Dreamer You tend to have your head in the clouds. You love to be drawn in to a whole other world.You are a rational person. You like to think through ideas, and you like the thoughts that books spark. You are a person with a few deep interests. If you’re drawn to something, you learn everything about […]

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Ciaran’s First Baby Clinic

Today started with a tantrum and it belonged to Shannon.  I really do wish she’d get over herself.  So yes she may want attention but only wanting it when Ciaran needs changed/fed or Paeton being dealt with is hardly the way to go.  She’s old enough to realise that some things are required to be done straightaway and others (ie […]

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It’s a Brain Fart Day

About an hour ago I realised I hadn’t wrote my blog post for the day, so I grabbed my netbook, switched on, loaded EhKho.com and then my brain went completely blank.  I had a list of things in my head that I knew I wanted to write about but the words just wouldn’t come.  I’m wondering if my ability to […]

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This morning Darren and I travelled into Newcastle with the little ones to register Ciaran’s birth.  Can I just say that it’s not a good idea to use public transport with a massive cut in your abdomin that is still healing.  I am in absolute agony.  I think the bus managed to find every bump and pot-hole on the way […]

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Absolutely nothing to report today other than it’s my Birthday!  I had a long sleep in, I had chocolate for lunch, curry for dinner and a shopping spree at DSW *woot*.  Yeh I know I bet you were expecting to read a whole lot more but I took a friend’s advice and done SFA, all day long. Tomorrow Darren and […]

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Monday’s Chores

My house is immaculate and all I had to do was delegate.  Yep I managed to get Shannon and Tyler to do my Monday routine seeing as I’m not up to the task at the moment.  Unfortunately, Shannon decided to get arsey over some laundry so she got sent to her room.  I’m beginning to think she likes it in […]

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Feeling Very Tired

Today has been very quiet and extremely lazy. I have done nothing all day but sit on the sofa sorting folders on the network drive and cuddling Paeton & Ciaran.  A Sunday well spent I’d say but not liking the idle induced tiredness *LOL*. Shannon went out early this morning to meet her friend that she didn’t get to see […]

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Summer’s Last Saturday

Today is the last Saturday of the summer holidays.  Darren was unfortunately unable to visit Abee due to me still being mostly unable to reach up or bend down for things and completely incapable of picking Paeton up. This morning also began with Shannon and Tyler trying unsuccessfully to gain Paeton’s attention by arguing and being as loud as humanly […]

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Feeling Good Today

Today didn’t start off well, was woken abruptly with Paeton crying and screaming because Shannon & Tyler were fighting in front of he.  Poor little pixie was absolutely terrified.   They have spent the day in their rooms reflecting over their behaviour.  Tyler got a free pass out about an hour ago as he stayed in his room and done as […]

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…and it’s not even Halloween yet! *snigger* Nah like a good girl I’ve started taking the correct amount of painkillers again and I feel like I’m wired to the moon, I just want to sleep.  I am due my next dosage in an hour, a delightful concoction of paracetamol and codeine, bleuch.  As I said, I’d rather go through 3 […]

I Want to Heal Quicker

Lacking the patience to heal, because I’m itching to get back into routine, after spending nearly an entire pregnancy with my feet up due to Placenta Praevia.

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Darren’s Deadline Met

Woot!  Darren has made his deadline for the latest project at Spyda Web Design.  I’m so pleased as he was worried sick due to his PC constantly giving him the “Blue Screen of Death” at least 3 times an hour.  We can’t quite figure out what’s causing it as all the hardware has been replaced, as has the OS *sigh*.  […]

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Yesterday’s Sabbatical

Yep I done a vanishing trick yesterday once Regan went home because I was absolutely drained of all my energy due to Regan causing me to laugh at everything!  I wish I could describe how sore it is to laugh at the moment, damn her for being so comical *snigger* I love her to bits really =D Regan arrived on […]

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Spoiled Rotten

I’m sitting here feeling quite smug today as I have the best friends and family anyone could possibly hope for.  Regan is currently sitting on a train from Bonnie Scotland, getting a numb arse and all to see Ciaran and from what I’ve heard has spent an absolute fortune on gifts.  I would slap her and give her a lecture […]

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Ciaran is Ickle

Isn’t he just gorgeous? The midwife came this morning and Ciaran’s weight has gone back up, he now weighs 4lb 14ozs.  He is still feeding well and his jaundice is definitely going away. She also checked my stitches and all is still well, they haven’t burst open or anything.  I’m feeling a lot better today, walking is much easier and […]

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And Breathe…

Okay so yesterday wasn’t a good day.  I really did manage to annoy a few with my self-pitying bout of depression, oops.  Ah well, it’s not like it can be helped with my hormones all over the place. Today is hormonally & psychologically good but physically I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus (twice).  Certain areas of my […]

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Frustrated Much?

I want to cook, clean and play with my kidlets!  I can’t do a damn thing.  Not even allow Paeton to jump up on me for a cuddle.  Due to that c-section even the simplest of tasks have become impossible to accomplish; I can’t even reach for the milk in fridge to make myself a coffee. I feel so frustrated […]

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What a Week!

Let me begin with an apology; my original intention was to post my blog daily but (and there is always a but isn’t there?) my health and Ciaran’s health was more important. The past week has been a rollercoaster ride between having a major haemorrage, a blood transfusion, a caeserian section and not to mention the amount of worry and […]

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OMG How Late?

I just realised how late it is and that my blog hadn’t been posted, someone should slap my wrists.  Well I’d feel more guilty about it but I was looking after Paula, she’s had a day of ups and downs and has felt like shit for quite a while.  So I’ve been keeping her company this evening and making her […]

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One of Those Days

I haven’t been able to wake up today since I got up this morning; my head has been sound asleep all day.  I think it may have something to do with the heat, even with the window open and the fans on it’s still too hot.  I decided to write an early blog because I’m not sure if I’ll still […]

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Still Alive

What a shit weekend eh?  Rupture on Friday night, blood loss = 400ml (approx), another blood loss yesterday morning which totalled around 200ml and then a blood transfusion.  Which has thankfully brought me out of an anaemic state. To add insult to injury my children are misbehaving something terrible.  I know they’re upset, stressed and want me home but it’s […]

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I’d Like Some Sleep Please

I’m sitting here surviving off 2 hours of sleep.  The young lass with the kidney infection started kicking off at 1am this morning, refusing to have blood taken and refusing to be taken to the labour suite until staff contacted her Mam.  The problem is the staff were trying to contact her Mam but there was no answer which is […]

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Never a Dull Moment

Well it has been an eventful day to say the least.  Did I mention the other day about the girl who was ripping at her IV and wailing like a banshee to be discharged at 4am?  Well she returned today and she was in a worse condition.  After a few hours of treatments and tests she was moved to the […]

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Singing the Blues

There was no waking up at 3am for me this morning, I was given a different type of heartburn medication last night and it done the trick.  It’s only meant to last 8-10 hours but I’ve hardly had any heartburn all day and no Gaviscon at all; but there is where the good day ends. I woke up before 6.30am, […]

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It’s Oh So Quiet

This morning began at 3am again when I woke up with an attack of heartburn but despite being able to get rid of the pain I was unable to get back to sleep.  The girl that was diagonally across from me decided at around quarter to 4 in the morning that she wanted to go home and wanted her IV […]

Same Shit Different Day

Guess what?  I woke up at 3am this morning but I got back to sleep almost straightaway! I’ve had no bleeding since Friday night, which is good but I’m still paranoid that it could happen and that it could lead to an emergency c-section.  Planning a c-section is one thing but being rushed in for one due to a ruptured […]

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Settling In

Well so far today there has been no crying; I’ve felt like it a few times but I’ve managed to hold the tears back. Thankfully my steroid injections are once a day and not once every 12hrs, which is a huge sigh of relief cause they bloody well hurt and the pain lasts for hours. I seen the doctor this […]

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What a Day!

What a day I’ve had.  This morning started with a half-promise of being sent home after the doctor had done his rounds because my bleeding had settled and all mine and Fidget’s vitals were fine.  However, that was not to be.   Instead I got given a worst case scenario in very blunt terms ~ “You’re going for another scan, if […]

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49 Days and Counting

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant, which means there are only 7 weeks left or 49 days (yes I have got to the counting the days stage lol).  I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow morning; I’m guessing the usual routine urine and blood tests will be done and I’ll leave the clinic feeling like a pin cushion but […]

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It’s Blog o’Clock

This morning began at 3am with a coughing fit and a heartburn attack.  I found it really difficult to settle after that, I think I was only dozing as my eyes opened every hour on the hour. Paeton didn’t wake up until after 9am, she was wiped after nursery yesterday.  She fell asleep not long after she got home but […]

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More of the Same

This cold isn’t shifting and all the Vitamin C and fluids in the world are not making the slightest difference to my ability to breathe.  To top it off I woke up bleeding this morning.  I feel like $hit and I am not having a good day. Fidget is still moving around in his usual patterns and the bleeding didn’t […]

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Sick Puppy

I haven’t felt this bad since I got Swine Flu last year.  Yesterday was so full of promise of getting more things done today but I hardly slept last night and could barely breathe this morning. This morning started before 7am, after sitting awake for over an hour I decided to get up and in doing so woke up Paeton.  […]

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Free as a Bird

Today was a “me” day.  Darren was out with his daughter Abee, Tyler was at a friend’s house and Mam had Shannon and Paeton out for a shopping trip. I’m loaded with the cold but I did not spend the day resting, as the moment I sat down for any length of time I lost the ability to breathe through […]

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32 Week Scan

Today I had my 32wk scan to find out if my placenta was still low-lying; it was.  I have another scan on the 10th and an appointment with a consultant.  I need to start preparing myself mentally to have a c-section.  It may be the safer option despite the possible complications.  I am scared but the health and safety of […]

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I woke up just before 5 this morning, not because of heartburn, I had Jet lying on top of my throat meowing in my face to tell me that Clyde wanted in.  Being unable to get back to sleep straight away I stayed up till around 9; after sorting Paeton her breakfast and waking Darren up at 8. I went […]

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Heartburn is a Hot Day in Hell

I ran out of the over-the-counter Gaviscon last night without being able to take a full dose and needless to say it destroyed the ability to sleep.  I’ve been awake for just over 18 hours so far and I am definitely feeling it but thankfully the heartburn that woke me up around 4am is starting to subside. I phoned the […]

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A Better Day

Today started off with a bad night’s sleep but what else is to be expected during the third trimester of pregnancy? Oh yes that’s right heartburn too, joy! lol This morning I phoned my Mam and we had a conversation about what transpired over the weekend; I’m glad to say that we’ve worked it all out and that Shannon has […]

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From the Frying Pan in to the Fire

Today started relatively calmly; I hadn’t bled any more during the night.  I did have interupted sleep though and have spent the entire day in bed. I cannot begin to convey how boring it is to stay in bed, not being able to channel hop and Sky being so shitty that I can’t transfer licensing rights to netbook from PC […]

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No Rest for the Wicked

I don’t mean that I’ve been working my a$$ off because I haven’t.  In fact I’ve been real good today and not done any housework of any kind. I guess what I mean is that it doesn’t matter if you rest or play, it won’t stop nature from throwing a curve ball directly at your head.  Rationally speaking, absolutely nothing […]

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Life of Riley

What a noisy, yet peaceful day it has been.  We all had a long lie this morning, one of us until after lunchtime *blinks @ Darren*, Paeton only woke up this morning because I was making noise in the bathroom.  She has spent today singing, shouting and being generally noisy but all in a fun way; no tantrums! We haven’t […]

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I got a lie in this morning till 8am; I was woke up with Paeton singing “Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosies”, it’s a lot nicer than the arguing between Shannon and Tyler that I normally wake up to. Tyler also slept in this morning as his school broke up on Wednesday which meant no fighting or getting up stressed before my eyes are open. […]

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Posh Hair

Grand title isn’t it? *blinks @ Regan lol*.  I went to the hairdressers this afternoon and got my mop of rat tails magically transformed into posh, sexy, smooth, straight looking hair!  I got drenched on the way home but it didn’t affect my hair cause it wasn’t full of product, just some heat seal.  The hairdresser, Zoe, was terrific.  I’ll […]

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Long Day

Today started with the alarm going off at stupid o’clock; to be up, dressed and out the door for 7:50am because I had to be at Tyler’s school for 9 when his final primary school assembly began.  He was presented with a certificate for competing against other regional primary schools at an athletics event earlier in the year, congratulated for […]

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A Mindless Rambling

Good evening, today has been rather uneventful.  This morning we went for a walk in the town and took Paeton to Marvellous Monsters.  She loves animals, what can I say? Before coming home we went into the craft shop and bought a present for Tyler’s head teacher to say thank you for all the help and support she has given […]

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Odds & Sods

Well today has been the most eventful Monday of the year, despite being a lazy bint who has barely moved a muscle all day and got up late. As you know I went to bed with a thumping headache last night, Darren left me to sleep in this morning and I didn’t wake up till Paeton came to say good […]

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Ow Sore Ow

I have a bit of a sore head tonight and I’ve had it most of the day dammit.  Somebody used way too much Febreeze this afternoon.  Not that I feel right complaining about that because they were nice enough to babysit this morning and play organ grinder *lol* Anyway, I went to the live chat at Digi Scrap Map last […]

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A New Promotion

I’ve had a very constructive day!  Darren was out with his daughter Abee, and my Mam kindly took Shannon, Tyler & Paeton out for the day.  So I done a tiny little bit of shopping because we needed some cheese and tomatoes for dinner. I got a little more than I had intended to but hey ho, it’s all good.  […]

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The Sound of Silence

The house was as quiet today as it is every Monday and Friday.  Paeton was at nursery, Shannon and Tyler were both at school.  The only exception is, I didn’t do my usual “there’s nobody in, lets tidy up all their mess”, I just didn’t have the urge nor the energy.  I have days like today occassionally when I just […]

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It has been quite a long day sat here in my pyjamas.  I haven’t had much oomph for doing anything at all really.  This morning Paeton and I had some breakfast, I had my iron tablet and then Darren took Paeton out for a walk and a visit to Marvellous Monsters (yep again lol).  Paeton came home with a cuddly […]

Marvellous Monsters

A little trip to our local exotic pet shop; Marvellous Monsters.

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We had a review meeting at Paeton’s nursery yesterday to see if her needs are being met etc and we have never felt so patronised and insulted. It started with the question “Do you talk to Paeton at home?” what kind of f*cked up question is that? Of course we talk to Paeton and not just at home either. It […]

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Splitting Sides

The beginning of the weekend was an absolute riot. Regan and John arrived on Thursday afternoon and that is when the chaos begun.  We kicked off the visit with Regan unloading all her read books on me, I am about to run out of space again but I don’t care ’cause I have new books YaY.  I have no idea […]

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Welcome Back!

Welcome to my new blog.  My Blogger blog is now offline and inaccessible.  I had been given strict instructions off my GP to stay in bed with my feet up due to some problems I’ve been experiencing through my pregnancy.  However, my DH bought me a netbook so I wouldn’t have to remain out of contact with my dear friends.  […]