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I was 15 the First Time

Thrown back, scared, frozen, soaked in tears, lost time, confused, alone, lost and pained. I seen myself. I was 15 the first time. I was chasing someone else’s pills with someone else’s booze. I was never alone and I don’t think anybody ever knew. I tried so many times, but rather than dying I built up resistance. How? Why? I […]

What If It’s Me

What if it’s me? My Mum tried to suffocate me What if it’s me? My Dad left me What if it’s me? My brother left me What if it’s me? It must be What if it’s me? He hurts me What if it’s me? He touches me? What if it’s me? She beats me What if it’s me? He rapes […]


A cynic is person who when smells flowers looks for a coffin. A (slightly modified by me) quote by H.L. Mencken.

Under Construction

A little Impish is undergoing some much needed updating. You’ll notice that everything has vanished. I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused, but it was a necessary requirement for my mental health. Thank you for your understanding & support.