Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay Fae Army!!!

Happy Hogmanay and lang may yer lum reek!

Well 2016 has been an absolute and utter exciting roller coaster of an adventure for my wee family and I, so to summarise;

January seen us being accepted onto several housing waiting lists in Scotland and discovering a relationship style known as polyamory. I was also prescribed a very strong drug called Fentanyl and met my first cowgirl <insert=”eye roll”>.

During February I learned a lot about my health problems in regards to what I could eat, or really what I couldn’t eat, which thankfully isn’t a mile long list anymore.

In March we were offered three flats in Scotland (two in Glasgow-ish & one in Greenock) and it was also the beginning of me accepting my authentic self which led to me announcing who that was in April.

During the spring I started putting all of my effort into improving my health; mental, physical and emotional. I had an opportunity to work with a brilliant lass from Live Well Gateshead called Lysanne, but it didn’t matter how often she said her name I kept pronouncing it wrong, sorry about that doll! heh

My family and I left Blaydon and moved to Scotland during the summer which caused the wee yins to have a very shortened school holiday *whistles*. Not long after moving in I received the psychotherapy report from Benwell Hospital in Newcastle where I had my mental health assessment and it caused an overwhelming emotional response, which I’ve had support to recover from with extra special thanks to Christopher Bowness who I lovingly refer to as zeguru as he runs the fantastically awesome #NurtureMap and the equally brilliant Karen Pollock whom I receive trauma counselling from.

At the end of September I appeared on Dunoon Community Radio for the first time with Gaulty’s Answers to Everything with a very good friend from my school days and we discussed rape & consent while sharing our own personal experiences.

October was a busy month as my eldest son became a fully fledged adult *eeek* and seen me become an exclusive designer with CraftsUPrint, but had difficulty dealing with my past trauma because I kept isolating myself and my intermittent Internet connection didn’t help. I also found Social Media quite triggering, especially Facebook.

November seen me wish my eldest daughter a happy 20th birthday *double eeek* and become a master of my own #selfcare by getting re-involved with past hobbies and interests; knitting, genealogy, gaming & photography. I also met my special non-binary friend for the first time in person and I hope to see them more often next year *squee*.

This month has had some tough lessons and hard realisations, but there is absolutely nothing that is going to keep this Imp down, so with that said…

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017 and thank you for your love, support & patronage during 2016.

  • Carrie

    I love you my beautiful friend! You have been there for me through some very dark times and even when you feel like you might not be, just having your friendship means the world to me. You and Ren may never know how much you both mean to me but here is to hoping that 2017 is better for all of us. I love you