In Therapy & Off Fentanyl

Impish Self-care

I had an appointment with my GP on Monday morning, we decided the best course of action in regards to my (lowest dosage) Fentanyl prescription was to rip the patch off at bedtime that evening rather than delay the inevitable. There was a second choice which involved leaving the patch on until it fell off by itself, but in no way reduces the symptoms of withdrawal a person feels, only delays it and possibly increases how long I’d feel withdrawal for, um no. I have previous experience with Fentanyl withdrawal, so I’d rather get it over; which I did.

Fentanyl withdrawal feels awful. I experienced deep burning sensations in my limbs, I felt heavy like I went swimming fully clothed, my throat was dry, my eyes itched, the muscles in my legs twitched, my mood swung like a clown on an Argos necklace and it lasted for * days. Last time round felt an awful lot like Junky Limbo

I also had my first session with a private therapist I found via Pink Therapy on Monday after I seen my GP. I have to say I feel as comfortable with them as I do with my wellness and self-care coach despite talking about some really difficult issues. I feel a little raw, but I also feel heard and understood. I am looking forward to my next session tomorrow morning.