Hannah McGuire McLachlan

Whinhill/Strone Greenock

Hannah McGuire McLachlan was the daughter of Peter and Margaret (nee Hamilton) and she was born in Greenock on the 4th September 1891.

When Hannah was born, her parents lived at 70 Ann Street, Greenock and when my eldest was born in 1996 I lived around the corner at 86 Drumfrochar Road. Hannah’s parents, Peter (22) and Margaret (19) got married on East Crawford Street in the east end of Greenock on the 10th of April 1891.

Hannah married James Paton (great-grandfather) on the 26th March 1909. Hannah and James had at least two children; my grandfather James (b. 29 May 1909; d. 24 April 1964), we won’t count how many more James exist yet, it’s far too confusing hehe and his sister Margaret Hamilton (b. 6 June 1910).

Hannah died aged 49 in a tunnel near Whinhill Train Station in Greenock on 8 May 1941; she was collateral damage of World War II. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t somewhat fascinated by the fact that I also lived very close to where her death happened and have been through that very tunnel.

Unfortunately that’s all I know about Hannah. I gathered my information from public records accessible from Scotland’s People, which has been given a beautiful overhaul since the last time I visited, but I’ve no real information or photographs so I hope to pop over the water soon and question my relatives; which means I should probably contact my cousins to find a suitable day for such an adventure.