Facebook Active Status

Hawl Mark Zucchinifuckwit do you have any idea how much your site’s programming is fucking with mine and others’ mental health?

I have Facebook chat switched off. It’s switched off via website, app & the messenger app, yet when I log into another site via Facebook it lets my entire list think that I’m actively on Facebook and therefore ignoring them, because “you must’ve seen such and such notification because Facebook said you were last active X minutes ago…”

Frankly, I feel quite done with Facebook’s system. It’s beyond aggravating trying to keep up with their ever-changing algorithm which decides what you see & how often you see it, despite your personally set news feed preferences. Seriously, why? I’ve spent the better part of a week tweaking my settings and it’s not paying much attention to my preferences in the slightest; RAWRRRRRR!!!

I feel burnt out. I reached out to nearby family & friends when I could feel the want to hide in a cave sneaking up on me, but felt disappointed when I received little response, I spiralled a little further when one friend had to cancel because of a family emergency then anxiety stopped me from meeting another friend who had made plans with me.

I feel reliably inconsistent and consistently unreliable, but at least I’m reliable and consistent, right?

  • Vicky Martin

    Biggest hugs c

  • Raqual Humphries

    I wish i could have coffee with you…and maybe just walk without talking…just so you know you aren’t alone.