Northside Tattooz

Northside Tattooz - i-ching by Ferank Manseed

I got a tattoo this week by the fantastically skilled Ferank Manseed from Northside Tattooz in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Ferank is a hand-poke tattooist (ie no machine) and he is excellent at what he does. The most painful part for me was sitting in a fixed position for about 2 hours minus a few breaks in between. However, not a lot you can do about that with Fibromyalgia.

Overall, the experience was incredibly pleasant. I felt welcome, comfortable and in great company. If I have caught the bug of tattoo addiction, I know exactly who gets to decorate me again in future!

Northside Tattooz - i-ching by Ferank Manseed

The symbol is from i-ching. I didn’t choose it, it chose me at the beginning of my healing process.

I was a mess, but who wouldn’t be? Naturally, I blamed it all on myself. It was a horrible feeling of continual dread. I still don’t really know how to express my emotions surrounding everything that happened, without ranting and slavering like a dog with rabies.

Obviously, my chosen i-ching symbol didn’t jump out at me in the middle of the street. It was like everything else I do; analysed to death, revived, rinse, repeat…I started off looking at the triskele and other Celtic imagery. That led to numerology, I’m a 6 if you’re interested. Discovering the 6 took me back to the triskele. My Nana continually called me an “omen”, I have a thing for horror…I don’t need to show you the image that is still burning brightly in my head?

i-ching choose me/us through a fun generator in which I entered the question; should we get married? The answer, is my tattoo, as it’s created from elements which not only describe us and our lives together so far, but also originates from both of our numbers. My i-ching chose me and I will wear it with pride for the rest of my life.