Photo Press

Photo Press

Photo Press is a Paint Shop Pro signature tag tutorial using a selection of your own digital graphic resources.

Photo Press

Special thanks to Fi for her hard work in getting Photo Press back online and Anna Marine for their incredible artwork, which you can buy from Creative Design Outlet.


You will need:-
Paint Shop Pro
Tube & Font of your choice.

Open a new 400×400 transparent canvas.

FloodFill with a colour that compliments your tube.

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer.

Merge Visible.

Effects > Reflection Effects > Pattern.

  • Horizontal offset(%): 0
  • Vertical Offset(%): 0
  • Rotation Angle: 90
  • Scale Factor: 0
  • No. of Columns: 3
  • No. of Rows: 3
  • Horizontal Shift: 0
  • Vertical Shift: 0

Activate your selection tool
Selection type: Rectangle, Mode: Replace, Feather: 0, Anti-Alias.
Draw a square

Selections > Invert.
Press Delete once.

Use the Mover Tool to place pattern in the centre of canvas.

Go to Selections > Select All, Selections > Float, then Selections Modify > Contract
(Click OK to the warning window)
Contract by 5.
Selections > Invert.
Press Delete once.

Duplicate this Layer.

Image Flip.

Image > Rotate > Free Rotate.
Layers > Arrange > Send Down.

Layers > Duplicate.

Image > Mirror.

Move the Opacity of “Copy (2) of Merged” to 50.

X out “Merged” layer and merge visible.

Re-name this layer BackDrop.

Delete the “Merged” Layer. Click OK to the warning window.

Add a Drop Shadow
V = -3, H = -1, Opacity = 39, Blur = 10.58, Colour = #000000.

Copy your tube as a new layer
(You might have to resize tube).

I had to resize mine by 60% Bicubic Resample.

Add the same drop shadow to your tube.

Merge Visible.

Image > Resize.
80% Bicubic Resample, Lock aspect ratio checked, Resize all layers unchecked.
Click OK.

Click on your text tool.
Create as Vector, Stroke = 0, Anti-Alias checked.
(Font, Size & Colour of choice).

When happy with your text placement convert to raster.

Effects > 3D Effects > Inner Bevel

Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow.
V & H = -1, Opacity = 50, Blur = 2.97.

Merge Visible.

Copy and Paste as New Image.
(To get rid of excess canvas without losing any drop shadow).

Merge All (Flatten).

Save as .jpg