Antique Net

Antique Net

Antique Net is a Paint Shop Pro signature tag tutorial using third-party filters and various resources from your own collection.

Antique Net

Special thanks to Fi for her hard work in getting Time to Reflect {formerly What’s Your Problem?} back online and Rion Vernon for his incredible artwork, which you can buy from CDO.



You will need:-
Paint Shop Pro
Tube & Font of your choice.

Open a new 500×500 White canvas.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and resize by 75% Bicubic resample, aspect ratio checked, all layers un-checked.

Duplicate your tube and resize by 90% Bicubic resample, aspect ratio checked, all layers un-checked.

Duplicate the copy and repeat the resize.

Place your tubes under each other – biggest at the back etc. When happy with their placement – X out the background layer and merge visible.
Duplicate this layer and go to Image – Mirror.

Rename these 1 and 2.
Activate 1 and apply the following inner bevel.

Still on 1 add a drop shadow

Repeat the above steps for 2.

Duplicate both layers and re-name them 3 and 4.
X out 1, 2 & Background and merge visible – rename this layer TUBE
X out TUBE then make 1 & 2 visible again.

Activate 1.
Go to Effects – Texture Effects > Mosaic Antique

Repeat for 2. Merge visible.

Go to Effects – Distortion Effects – Warp

Make all layers visible apart from Background and merge visible.

Copy and paste as new image.
Add a new layer.
Go to Layers – Arrange – Send to Bottom.
Flood fill this layer with White and re-name BG.

Click on your text tool.
Create as Vector, Anti-Alias Checked, Stroke = 0, Alignment = Center, Size is dependant on the font you use.
Enter your text

Stretch out your text till the desired effect is established.
Convert to Raster.

Go to Effects – 3D Effects – Inner Bevel

Add a same drop shadow

If you use an artists tube don’t forget to add the © info!

Save as .jpeg.

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