Two Tone


You will need:-
Paint Shop Pro 9
Unplugged Shapes Filter
Tube & Font of your choice

Open a new 400×400 Transparent Canvas

Floodfill with Black

Go to Effects > Plugins > Unplugged Shapes > Checkered Flag
*Change Brightness of White to 255*

Go to Effects > Distortion Effects > Pinch > Strength = 50%

Add the following Drop Shadow
V & H = 0, Opacity = 80, Blur = 5.

Duplicate this layer TWICE

Activate your middle layer
Go to Image > Resize > 75% Bicubic Resample, All layers unchecked

Now resize your top layer but change the percentage to 50.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, resize if required

Add the following drop shadow
V & H = 10, Opacity = 50, Blur = 5.

Add a new layer

Click on your text tool
Create as Floating, Font, Size & Stroke is completely to your discretion, Anti-Alias Checked.
(I used Triad size 48 – foreground white and fill black – stroke set to 1)

Place your text to your liking!
Add the same drop shadow as used on your tube, save & you’re done!


Special thanks to Fi for her hard work in getting Two Tone back online and Dirk Richter for his incredible artwork, which you can buy from CDO.