Paton: Challenge Accepted!

I accepted a challenge from my Dad ages ago, but due to other things rudely interrupting me it kind of slipped my mind until recently when I had one of those random thoughts, which for the life of me now I can’t bloody remember, however it led me to Scotland’s People and about 100 odd credits worth of searches & record lookups. Hoorah for stockpiling freebie promotional credits lol!

Paton Family Tree

These are all the ancestors I found today. James Paton & Ann Jane McLaughlin were my paternal grandparents.

I’m just wondering how many James’ one family needs and were they intentionally trying to confuse future generations?

I have more Irish in my blood than I originally thought (yay), but unfortunately that means I will be looking at another brick wall in my direct ancestral line. I wonder if you’d be so kind as to share your Irish genealogical tips/tricks with me in the comments?