Antique Eye

Antique Eye is a signature tag tutorial using Paint Shop Pro, third party plugins & your own digital resources.
Antique Eye
Things you will need for this tutorial:

Open up a new 400×400 Transparent Image & your tube.

Copy and Paste your tube as a new layer.

Go to Image > Resize using these settings;
75%, Bicubic Resample, All Layers unchecked.

Duplicate this layer, re-name the duplicated layer “Tube” then X out to make it invisible.
Activate “Raster 2”.

Go to Effects > Plugins > Neology > Polar Waves
Angle Cycle = 5
Magnitude Cycle = 178
Angle Amplitude = 16
Magnitude Amplitude = 6
You may have to play around with the settings

Now go to Effects > Distortion Effects > Twirl
Settings: 720

Duplicate this layer, go to Image > Mirror. Line up this layer so that the centre of the eye is on top of the other eye.

Merge Visible.

Go to Effects > Reflection Effects > Rotating Mirror
Settings: Horizontal Offset = 0%, Angle = 90, Edge Mode = Reflect

Go to Effects > Plugins > Redfield > Jama 3D
Settings: Dance Floor Default

Add a drop shadow
Settings: V & H = -1, Opacity = 90, Blur = 4.9, Color = Black

Duplicate Layer
Go to Image > Rotate > Free Rotate > 90°
Direction doesn’t matter so long as only direction and 90° are checked.

Click on the Merged layer to activate (not the copy of merged)
Go to Effects > Texture Effects > Mosaic Antique

Lower the opacity on “Copy of Merged” layer to 90.
Merge Visible and Re-name “BG”

Make the Tube layer active
Click on the Text Tool:
(Set stroke & fill colors to 2 different colours from your tube)
Settings: Vector, Stroke 1, Anti-Alias checked.

Stretch out text to make it bigger in height, when happy convert to raster.

Selections > Select All
Selections > Float

Go to Effects > Plugins > Flaming Pear > Super Blade Pro
Choose a preset that compliments your text.

Selections > Select None

Go to Effects > Plugins > Eye Candy 3 > Inner Bevel (Shiny Preset)
Settings: Width = 20, Shape = Rounded, Smoothness = 4, Depth = 33, Brightness = 100,
Sharpness = 100, Direction = 135, Inclination = 45

Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow
Settings: H = 3, V = 4, Opacity = 50, Blur = 5.16, Color = Black

Activate the Crop Tool and chose “Merged Opaque”. Click the Tick on the tool bar, then save.

All done, thank you for following along, and if you wouldn’t mind sharing I would love to see how your tag turned out!

Special thanks to Fi for her hard work in getting Antique Eye back online and Martin Abel for his incredible artwork, which you can buy from CDO.

  • Carol Smith

    Hi I made this but did try making it with differant image that was sitting and didnt turn out like that as background was entirely differant Cheers Carol

    • I love how your tag turned out Carol! The beauty of this tutorial is that the results will never be an exact duplicate of another tag 🙂