The Aftermath of the Scottish Independence Referendum

I am DISGUSTED! Not because the #BetterTogether campaign won, but because of the behaviour that has been on public display since the results came in. Be gracious: there is no need for the violence, no need to terrify anyone because of their opinions or how they voted.

It was bad enough this week hearing some parents in my children’s school playground declaring “The Scottish should go home and take their traitorous English sympathisers with them”. I’ve seen the problems that arise when those types of opinions are overheard by children. I pity them and the children they’re raising; it keeps the hatred fresh. When I was growing up in Scotland, I wasn’t taught to hate the English, I learned to question the British Government and their policies. It wasn’t until I moved to Greenock that I discovered  hatred towards the English but even then they didn’t hate the English they hated government but like all humans, they generalised, in this case it was where government meets. I’m not defending the notion, generalising is wrong when it’s about the feelings of people, but it’s where a lot of the English people I know are misunderstanding.

The Scottish do not hate the English. I do not hate the English. The people of Scotland are against how badly they’ve been treated and continue being badly treated by the British Government. Scotland is not a badly behaved child who must have it’s pocket-money monitored. It is a country with great wealth and the people of Scotland know best how to look after themselves. I think if the British Government stopped worrying about “the rebellious Scots to crush” and started worrying about problems they can fix: food poverty, child poverty, paedophile rings within government agencies, etc..and leave Scotland to fend for itself; we’d all be better off.

The results say we’re #BetterTogether, so surely this is my home too? Please, make up your mind because I’m torn now. Do I stay? Do I go home? If I go home, will TripleD and my English-born children come with me? Would they even want to leave their home and would they be welcome after the turmoil that caused absolute bedlam in Glasgow’s George Square last night? Would it be safe for them?

After last night, I doubt it will be very easy to sweep any  of the fallout under the carpet, especially with the Police investigating election fraud. I would hope that neither campaign would be associated with such criminal acts, that it’s the work of a small group of people and not something sinister orchestrated by the powers that be; if it’s linked to either campaign or government, I’m afraid the events in George Square last night are only the beginning.

If there was fraud committed during the Independence Referendum, there will be severe consequences for ALL involved, then hopefully stepping forth together to negotiate the separation in which no country suffers. You know, the way couples hope to divorce while happy together, discussing possible futures and how to deal with any failure; before turning nasty, vindictive, childish and becoming a detriment to their children. However, if there was no election fraud, and the result is we’re #BetterTogether, then we need to embrace it. We are segregating ourselves, yes the British government may have started it but we’re doing absolutely nothing to stop or prevent it from happening again. While we allow a divide to exist, whether it’s: Scotland vs England, North vs South, West vs East, Catholics vs Protestants…we’re setting ourselves up as mindless sheep.

My wee Nana used to say: “God gave you a good auld Scottish tongue in your head for a reason…”, it might be for asking directions if I got lost or it might be to aid the goodness in humanity. I believe it’s the latter, so should ye! Stop using violence, you’re giving us all a bad name because the world doesn’t care where you were born or what you believe in; they care about humanity being destroyed.