Just me

introducing amanda braiy

I think for my first ever blog I should introduce myself and my family (seeing as they will be subject to my musings at some point) . I am Amanda and I am 41 and have 3 children, 2 girls and one boy, and a big dopey dog. I am originally from Manchester, and moved to the North-East of England 5 years ago, after I met the Other-Half 6 years ago. I also have a Step-Son.


I don’t have a *normal* family life as I suffer from Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis ,IBS and had Thyroid cancer. My son has Autism and he makes sure that I am always on my toes and certainly can make life entertaining in this house.

  • I give credit to my son for teaching me how to see life differently and teaching me patience, understanding and giving me a sense of humour that helps me get through tough days.
  • I love cooking as it is a damn good therapy when you are in a bad mood. Some one pees me off, a carrot gets it instead . Upset me and something is going to get tenderised or beaten.
  • I have an interest in gardening, and even managed a miracle in converting someone, who would rather stick pins in his eyes, than dig about or weed. The Other-Half is now pretty keen and we are in the process of getting a few raised beds sorted so we can grow our own vegetables, although what I want to grow and what he wants to grow, keeps bringing up some quite animated discussions in this house.

In time I will share some of my recipes and my general thoughts on life in this madhouse.

So cheers for reading and see you soon, Amanda x