Scottish, not British!

scottish not british

scottish not british

I updated my change of address with the Electoral Register again last week, I think that’s the third time since moving? I haven’t been keeping track but that isn’t what’s bothering me, this is…

scottish not british

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I am SCOTTISH! Not British, not Irish, but Scottish! I don’t need help with my nationality because I was born in Glasgow, Scotland and that for the love of the wee man, makes me Scottish not British. I don’t care if Glasgow was or still is the second city of the “British Empire”, I am Scottish, I will always be Scottish no matter where in the world I might be.

Before I was a mother I remember uttering the words; I’d rather die than live in England, but now I am living in “enemy territory” and have been for nearly 10 years. However, I didn’t choose to leave, I was forced out, my life and the lives of my children were at risk, so we ran to the safest place in the world, a country my “enemies” would never follow us to. It all sounds a little cloak and dagger, but if your ex inlaws were throwing bricks through your children’s bedroom window as they slept, or putting lit fireworks through your letterbox, what would you do?

I tried the usual routes of dealing with criminal behaviour, but it resulted in death threats, school keeping my children indoors because there had been attempts made to snatch them, having my rent increased to cover the vandalism, landlord refusing to repair anything because of the recurrent attacks to workers who were sent to replace windows etc.

People will warn you all the time about freaks on the Internet but if it wasn’t for the “freaks” I knew I would never have been able to flee to safety, so thank you because you kept my “heid the gither” and succeeded when some family and lifelong friends turned their back on me.

That is why I left but there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t thought about going back because I am Scottish and Scotland is where I belong. If I only knew how to go back without it causing upheaval…