My 2 Dads, 2.4 Children & I don’t mean 90s television…

My 2 Dads...

Which one are you and do the traits fit your personality?

I lovingly refer to my family as my “Jerry Springer Entourage” because whether they like it or not, each one of them has had a hand in shaping who I am today.

To begin with, I am my wee Mammy’s youngest, my *biological* Dad’s middle child and for a while I was my *adoptive* Dad’s only until he remarried and then I became an eldest to two younger step-step siblings.

From the above image, (from first to only) I am:-

  • organised (mostly)
  • on-time
  • know-it-all
  • bossy (um I delegate well if that’s what bossy means? hehe)
  • responsible
  • peacemaker
  • independent
  • generous
  • creative
  • financially irresponsible (between 16 and 25ish)
  • bored easily
  • (sick) sense of humour
  • close to parents
  • mature
  • dependable
  • unforgiving (I’m admitting to this but if I’m unwilling to forgive then someone messed up big!)
  • sensitive (but with thick skin…that could be the Irish or Scottish who would be able to tell?).

What part of the tree does your apple fall from? I get most of my traits from my Nana and my 2 Dads!