Military Brats in Dunoon

I fancy myself a bit of a detective as you might have noticed from my blog post on Saturday when I introduced my love for Genealogy. However, despite how well I’ve developed my research skills, I still can’t find most of my friends from my school days.

USS Hunley

USS Hunley (AS-31) anchored at Holy Loch, Sandbank near Dunoon, Argyll in 1981

There was a number of American Naval vessels docked at the Holy Loch (( )) between the 1960s through to the ’90s but I only remember two of them; the USS Hunley (pictured above) and the USS Simon Lake.

I started primary school in 1983, I went to St. Muns (( Roman Catholic primary school in Dunoon and I spent my primary school days with Eileen, Edzel, Marel?, Joshua, Meghan Smith, Heather Beecher and Desiree (who had a little sister called Jolene). By the time I started secondary school they had all left Dunoon. Unfortunately, being a kid I didn’t pay much attention to surnames, sorry!

At Dunoon Grammar School (( between 1990 and when the Americans left between 1991/92, I met the following people that I wish I had more time to get to know better; Travis Sparks, Brittany Childers and Jaime Gillette.

I’ve searched high and low for years looking for them but so far I’ve only found one; Jaime.

Where is the best place to track down military brats? Any idea?