A Heatwave During September?

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My eldest son tells me that there will be a snow storm on Monday and that this snow won’t stop falling until there is a whole 4ft of it on the ground.  As much as I really want to believe him, I can’t.  It was 27°C today.  It’s the end of September, it’s not meant to be this damn hot, especially not in the UK!  I thought I hated summer, but no I found something I hate even more…summer weather during autumn! :rotfl:

I don’t know how I managed to get my schedule completed today ’cause I just don’t function in hot weather but today I had to.  Today was Shannon’s first appointment with the child psychologist, it went better than I expected it to.  I think it helped though that Shannon made a promise to her paedatrician and the social worker that visited recently and both documented her promise.  I did have to mention this promise during the first 5 minutes as she was just staring blankly through the therapist.  However, a plan of action has been put in place and this time I’m assured that we’re not going to be fobbed off just because Shannon doesn’t want to.  Fingers crossed please?

After the appointment I dropped Shannon off to school and headed to Asda to get in some shopping.  Now this would all be quite easy if; a) I had a car, b) I could drive said car and c) it wasn’t 27°C  outside.  I have been on a total of 6 different buses today in the space of 4 hours.  Six buses that were full of women covered from head to toe in obnoxious, over the top perfume and clashing anti-perspirant and men covered in Lynx which does an absolutely appalling job of masking the smell of stale body odour.  My head has been pounding since Shannon came home yesterday covered in white musk and today has done nothing to help remove the throbbing ache of my brain.

So here I am, telling you all about my day and I haven’t asked about yours, forgive me?  Did you have a nice day?  Was it productive or lazy?  Do you have normal autumn weather or have you also been attacked by a monstorous heatwave?

  • That is warm! It has been rainy off and on the past few days. Today the high was 15.5 C (60 F), a bit below normal for this time, which is about 67 F or so. 27 C (80 F)would feel so nice! But I’m sure I would get hot and complain about it lol. I’ve already had the heater on a bit, not all the time though.

    Send me some warm weather 🙂

    Anisah in Michigan, USA

  • Get 2 Scrappin’

    Oh my dear Irene! Hope by the time this comes across your e-mail that you will be rid of that headache. We are enjoying some soaking rains over here… I’ll try to send them your way so my boys can get outside. lol They are making it near impossible to get anything done. :teeth:
    Anyhow – glad things went good with your daughters first session – I’ve got my fingers crossed for ya that things will progress nicely. :fingersxd:
    Now I’m off to attempt a bit of work. :giggle: