Keeping It Real: Behavioural Problems

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At the end of July the schools broke up for summer and it has for the most part felt like hell on earth.  Endless baiting, lying and manipulating from my 14 year old DD, my 12 year old DS vanishing off to his Nana’s to get peace from his big sister, my 3 year old DD mimicking the 14 year old’s behaviour and attitude and the 14 year old finding it all absolutely hysterical.  I am at my wit’s end, how do I make her a relatively happy young lady with a teenage attitude but without the constant lies, violence and disgusting language?

When it comes to dealing with an out-of-control teenage girl that has been behaving this very same way for close to 12 years, it tends to cause tension between you; it’s un-avoidable.  Over the years, I’ve been punched, kicked, bitten, scratched, thrown down stairs, lied to, stolen from; but I still love her.  I’m unfortunately not the only one on the receiving end and despite my best efforts to get her some help/support it continues to this very day.

We have tried literally everything and have been told we’re doing everything we can by those in the “know” (social services, psychologists, family support etc) but we’re no further forward than I was the very first time I visited my GP to ask for help.  Do you know how I can help my girl?  There must be *something* I haven’t tried yet…anything?  I just want her to be happy.

  • Jody

    Wish I knew an answer for you. Our son is having the same troubles with his 16 yr old son. He is in our Juvenile Detention here at the moment for constantly running away. Our son is at the end of his last nerve not knowing what to do. Just like you do, all we want is for him to be a happy, healthy teenager. I know this doesn’t help much but at least you know you’re not alone with this.

    • Thank you so much for commenting and your support Jody, it means a lot!

  • Kia

    Been thinking over this one since you posted. I have lots of opinions on such things but it’s all based on my personal experience of being a teen, not on parenting, so…
    However, another blogger mentioned this book and I checked to see if it’s available over here and it is. Maybe there might be some ideas in there that might help?

    • Thanks Kia. If you want to share those opinions of yours privately, grab me on FB 🙂