Run Ragged

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Life around here has been a little chaotic since Sunday evening. Paeton was sick, then sick again, then again and again. She was fine all day and night Monday and when I woke her up on Tuesday she was covered in sick. All Tuesday day and night she was fine again and then spent all of yesterday throwing up. Triple D took her to the doctor yesterday afternoon and it turns out that she has stomach flu. The doctor gave her some paracetamol, ibuprofen and diarolyte. Today hasn’t been much better for our poor wee Pixie. She ate some toast earlier but within an hour she’d brought it back up. She won’t even humour the diarolyte; not that I’m surprised it tastes terrible. Everyone else is in good health.

I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed or not but I have given my freebie’s page a little refurbishment, why not take a quick looksee? There are over ten to choose from so far and I will be adding another on Sunday.