Welcome to Impish Me in the UK

The Beach by Irene Knight

Impish Me in the UK is home to myself , a few friends; Amanda, Fi, Ren and whoever else I can trap at the bottom of my wee faerie garden. We are here to share our thoughts and varied talents with you.

We’re all parents, our children are between 3 and “grown-up” so we’ve had our fair share of fibs, spent endless nights soothing sore tummies and dealing with large stroppy tantrums. But we’ve also had more than we ever deserved of tea parties with imaginary friends, pictures and “creations”, hugs and loves. We’ve also dealt with the stress and strains of children who society label as “difficult” or “different”.

We can offer you mindless ramblings, creative genius, delicious culinary delights, bad days, light bulb moments and all-round quirkiness. We can help you find ways to get through the dark days, the good days, the kids days. The days that you need to act like the life and soul of your children’s entertainment when they come to you and say “I’m booooorrrrrrrrred”. We can give you advice on cooking, cleaning, we can tell you what’s worked for us. We offer a place to see what other people think.

Please take some time to read the posts, but most of all we encourage you to take part!

We have a recipe section that you are welcome to add your own to. Feel free to build up the library and maybe we can spot light your ideas to a wider audience.

Take a look about, we’re that varied a bunch there’s probably something for all. We look forward to seeing your names in the comment conversations!